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KPW: Kool overcomes Sinclair in Tauranga
Written by David Dunn   
Jan 28, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Marcus Kool proved he was deserving of being a KPW Championship contender with a win over former champ "The Shooter" Shane Sinclair in the main event of Saturday's The Bays Wrestlefest 2.

Sinclair, formerly known as Shane "The Technician" Whitehead, had hoped to rebound from his title loss to Whetu the Maori Warrior at Halloween Howl last year but ultimately fell victim to a Kool Intentions superkick.

The Shooter fled the ring when Kool looked poised to hit his superkick moments after the match began, and made sure things would run at his pace before stepping back through the ropes.

Sinclair flung Kool around the ring with a series of suplexes, but was answered by a hurricanrana and Kool Effect side slam.

Sinclair took control of the match after Kool landed awkwardly on his knee while avoiding a back suplex – turning the Englishman inside out with a leg kick.

The Shooter wrapped Kool’s leg around the ring post and continue to target his knee with a dragon screw before Kool broke free of Sinclair’s grasp and dropped him with a neckbreaker.

Kool followed up with an inverted double-underhook facebuster and prepared to hit the Kool Intentions superkick only for Sinclair to clip his damaged knee.

Sinclair tried to home in on Kool’s knee but the English sensation hastily nailed the superkick, putting both men on the mat.

Sinclair avoided a senton bomb from Kool and smashed him to the canvas with an explosive Techniplex – which Kool was just able to kick out of.

Sinclair took to the top rope himself and dove across the ring towards Kool, right into the Kool Intentions superkick.

Kool covered Sinclair for the win, before borrowing a crutch from a fan and hobbling backstage.

Also at The Bays Wrestlefest 2, Charlie Roberts and partner “The Natural” Steve Jordan made good on their promise to become KPW Tag Team Champions when they took the titles from H-Flame and Lazarus Volt.

Volt miscalculated a High Voltage missile dropkick – thanks mainly to Jordan dragging the referee in front of him – and took out the official with his signature move.

Charlie Roberts pulled H-Flame out of the ring and introduced a table to the match, which he and Jordan smashed Lazarus Volt through.

Jordan disposed of the table as the referee began to stir, before Roberts covered Volt to win his first KPW Tag Team Championship.

KPW The Bays Wrestlefest 2 Results:

  • Shane Carver def. Purple Haze
    Carver made short work of Purple Haze, pinning him after the Detonator, before slinging his downed opponent over his shoulder and taking the masked man backstage.

  • T-Rex def. “Marvellous” Mark Freemantle
    Freemantle showed fighting spirit when he withstood a lot of T-Rex’s offense but couldn’t kick out of a pumphandle slam in time, giving the “Grumpasaurus” the victory.

  • Kade Morgan def. Bull Addamz w/ ATH
    Addamz nailed Morgan with the Death of a Matador but wiped out attempting a bullfrog splash. Morgan then dropped Addamz with a powerslam and finished him with the gourdbuster.

  • Suzi Q def. Scarlett
    Scarlett rattled Suzi Q with a nasty slap to the face, but Suzi ultimately rallied back and doubled Scarlett over with a kick by the ropes before using a sunset flip to pin her to the mat.

  • Graham Hughes def. Inferno
    Hughes missed a moonsault, which allowed Inferno to apply his Cinder Lock. Hughes fought his way to the ropes and avoided an Extinguisher before the Tomorrow Driver and a standing moonsault brought the bout to an end.

  • KPW Tag Team Championship:
    Charlie Roberts & “The Natural” Steve Jordan w/ ATH def. H-Flame & Lazarus Volt (c)
    After Lazarus Volt accidentally took out the referee with his High Voltage missile dropkick, Jordan and Roberts smashed the little man from the big top through a table, before cleaning up the evidence and covering Volt to take home the tag team titles.

  • Marcus Kool def. “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair
    Sinclair drove Kool to the mat with the Techniplex before leaping from the top rope and being gunned from the sky with a Kool Intentions superkick.
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