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RAW: Have The Shield Met Their Match?
Written by Scott Anderson   
Feb 10, 2013 at 12:16 PM

For months The Shield has been running rampant through the WWE, with seemingly no one able to stop the invaders destructive attacks on “injustice”.  But by attacking John Cena The Shield may’ve gone too far, and the Royal Rumble winner has gathered his own trio of formidable talent and laid down a challenge to The Shield for a final reckoning at Elimination Chamber.

Not even Vickie Guerrero pleading for him to reconsider could stop John Cena from deciding to head down to the ring to call out The Shield to answer for their attack on him last week on RAW.  But before Cena was able to make his entrance towards the end of this weeks' show it was instead Brad Maddox, of all people, who stepped foot in the ring to call out The Shield himself.

Maddox, the former referee's ego still knowing no bounds, declared that he was the true hero of WWE, because by handing over the footage that incriminated Paul Heyman and The Shield to Vince McMahon he'd "stopped the injustice" that had perpetuated CM Punk's lengthy WWE Championship reign. 

The outcome of Maddox's reckless announcement was predictable, and Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came down through the crowd. The slowly surrounded the ring, taking their time, calling Maddox "a rat" and explaining their relationship with Heyman because "justice ain't free."  Then, moving as a unit, the trio entered the ring and a vicious beating of Maddox occurred, culminating with The Shield's patented Triple Powerbomb.

But that was simply Cena's cue.  The WWE's franchise player came down, Shield-like, through the crowd and he wasn't alone.  Ryback and Sheamus, who have also been victims of The Shield's path of destruction, joined Cena in surrounding the ring.  The Shield attempted to make a run for it up the entrance ramp, but suddenly the stage was filled with a line of superstars from backstage, lead by Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston, who forced The Shield back down to the ring where Sheamus, Ryback and Cena were waiting.

A brawl ensued, but for the first time since their shocking arrival at Survivor Series, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns were outmatched. Hard rights and big boots were struck by Sheamus, Ryback and Cena, and after a minute of pain The Shield were forced once again to retreat, tumbling over the safety barrier to run for safety through the crowd as RAW went off the air.

Immediately afterwards, as reported on, Cena picked up a microphone and with a smile on his face pointed directly to where The Shield were standing in the stands, recovering from their beating. "You got a fight coming," shouted Cena, "at the Elimination Chamber.  Let me tell you about the fight you've got coming; it's a six man tag team match. At last The Shield is going to be in a fair fight.  Because at Elimination Chamber, you're going to face Sheamus, Ryback and me, John Cena.  On February 17th, in New Orleans, justice will be served!"

RAW had opened with CM Punk coming down to the crowd, continuing his bellyaching about losing the WWE Championship to The Rock at Royal Rumble.  "Did you see me in that video that Vince McMahon fabricated to incriminate Paul Heyman?" was Punk's angle this week, using this as his ammunition to declare that he's still the legitimate WWE Champion, now in the "442nd day" of his "true reign as champion."

Booker T was having none of this, however, coming out onto the stage to tell Punk that he'd been authorised by Vickie Guerrero to arrange a "RAW ActivE" match, where the fans would be able to choose between three of Punk's former WrestleMania  opponents for this week's main event.  Given the choice Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton or Chris Jericho, when the vote went out to the public the recently returned Jericho was the overwhelming choice of the fans.

Jericho, it seemed, wanted to continue where he'd last left off with Punk: still determined to prove he was more worthy of the title of "best in the world" than the former WWE Champion.  Jericho started the bout like a house on fire, laying into Punk with chops and elbows, leaving Punk reeling before eventually sending Punk outside of the ring, then sending him flying into the announcer's table with a baseball slide under the ropes.

Punk's made of sterner stuff, however, and despite Jericho continuing to put on the pressure, including a very close near fall from a Lionsault, a massive roundhouse kick from Punk brought the Straightedge Superstar right back into the battle.  Though Jericho kicked out of the following pinfall, Punk stepped right back in with the Anaconda Vice.  Jericho just managed to drag himself to the ropes, but Punk kept right on top of him, striking with another kick before lifting Jericho onto his shoulders for the Go to Sleep.

Jericho was able to wriggle free, however, grabbing Punk around the legs and taking him down into the Walls of Jericho.  Punk managed to reach the ropes, but damage had been done and when he again attempted to hoist Jericho for the GTS his legs gave way and he dropped Jericho to the mat.  Jericho attempted to lock the Walls in a second time, but Punk was able to roll over and use his strong legs to whip Jericho into the corner of the ring, through the turnbuckle shoulder-first into the ring post.  As Jericho stumbled back into the ring Punk was waiting, and this time the GTS connected, and Punk was quick to cover for a victory, proving (if only to himself) that he is indeed the best in the world.

In other RAW action the fractures within WWE Champions Team Hell No continued to widen, with first Daniel Bryan ordering Kane to stay backstage as he took on Rey Mysterio one-on-one.  And though Bryan was able to win the bout by locking the No! Lock on Mysterio, he may've regretted Kane's absence when immediately after the bout Mark Henry came down to the ring, marking his return from an injury-enforced absence by beating down first Bryan, then Mysterio and finally Sin Cara.  "AND THAT'S WHAT I DO!" roared Henry after he'd despatched all three of the smaller men from the ring.

Later Bryan invited himself down to ringside when his tag team partner took on Sheamus, just as Kane was preparing to send The Celtic Warrior crashing down to the ring with a Choke Slam.  Bryan's entrance distracted Kane, allowing Sheamus to strike with the Brogue Kick.  After Sheamus had secured the victory Bryan was all "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" but the big grin on his face said anything but an apology.

Other matches on RAW included Ryback earning a non-title victory over United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, while the returning Jack Swagger looked determined and impressive in a victory over the man who'd he'd lost the United States Championship too over a year ago, Santino Marella.  Randy Orton was also looking impressive, getting a measure of revenge as he defeated Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett in a title-free encounter.

Alberto Del Rio was also looking good in victory over Cody Rhodes, but Del Rio's focus was very much on Big Show, accepting Show's demand for a rematch so as to get his hands back on the giant in revenge for his repeated attacks on Ricardo Rodriguez.  Show, however, wasn't at the arena, instead broadcasting in on the big screen from a nearby hotel to tell Del Rio to "fax over" the papers for the Championship rematch.  But, before RAW was over Show found himself attacked in his hotel room by Del Rio, who'd snuck in following the courier carrying the contract papers, and the Mexican Millionaire sprayed Show in the face with a fire extinguisher before clocking him around the head with the steel container.

Also, The Miz hosted Paul Heyman on MizTV, and Heyman was still not letting go of his claim that McMahon's incriminating video tape was a fake.  More so, Heyman insisted, he had nothing to do with Brock Lesnar attacking Vince McMahon, and surprisingly it appeared that this time Heyman was telling the truth when Vickie Guerrero came down to the ring to admit that she'd invited Lesnar back to RAW and signed him back to a WWE contract.  But Guerrero claimed she'd had no idea that Lesnar would do what he did, and the Interim RAW General Manager broke down in tears as she acknowledged that Lesnar's attack which shattered McMahon's hip now put her role in charge of RAW on very thin ice.

"Really? Really?" responded Miz, leading Guerrero to spit back "I'm your boss, remember!" "But for how long?" was Miz's retort, but soon after Miz froze as Brock Lesnar's music burst out around the arena, and the big man jogged down to the ring.  Miz found his courage, but perhaps not his sense, because as "The Beast" came face to face Miz shoved Lesnar in the chest.  Lesnar nearly turned Miz inside out with a clothesline, then sending him flying out of the ring before hurling the furniture from the MizTV set down on top of him.  Miz managed, somehow, to crawl back into the ring, but this just brought him back within arm's reach of Lesnar, who struck Miz with the F5.  Heyman then managed to beg Lesnar to step away, escorting Lesnar from the ring while Miz lay amidst the wreckage of his talk show.

RAW results:

  • Ryback def. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro (non-title)
  • "The Real American" Jack Swagger def. Santino Marella
  • World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes
  • Daniel Bryan def. Rey Mysterio
  • Sheamus def. Kane
  • Randy Orton def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (non-title)
  • CM Punk def. Chris Jericho



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