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All is hell in love and war
Written by Blake Leitch   
Feb 12, 2013 at 09:44 PM

Over the years, the professional wrestling industry has seen some of the biggest roller-coaster relationships in the history of luuuuuuurve. Seeing as Valentine's Day is upon us soon, I've put my Cupid wings on and gone back to some of the greatest love stories in WWE history. TNA is not included because Bully/Hogan is a ridonkulous relationship and ODB/Young are just Glamarella 2.0.

.:: The Match Made in Heaven ::.

It should be no surprise that the "Macho Man" Randy Savage (RIP) and the lovely Miss Elizabeth (RIP) are the first couple on this list. These two epitomised the relationship arc we have come to know and love and hate.

It all started when Savage debuted on Tuesday Night Titans for the WWF where he first chose Miss Elizabeth as his manager over the likes of Heenan, Hart and Blassie. While her managerial skills would lead to a great Intercontinental Championship reign, it wouldn't be until after he lost the championship that he would begin to act more friendly towards Miss Elizabeth and the fans (side note: the match Savage would lose his championship at was the 1987 PWI and Wrestling Observer match of the year, where he fought against the great Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III).

Unfortunately, Savage's new friendlier persona would not last either. Hulk Hogan became Savage's tag partner and also took up Miss Elizabeth's managerial skills. Savage eventually became jealous of what he saw to be a relationship between Hogan and Elizabeth, and then replaced Miss Elizabeth with Sensational Sherri (RIP) as a manager.

In Savage's wayward path, he would become the King of the Ring, naming himself "Macho King". Sherri would dub herself "Sensational Queen" Sherri. Although Savage and Elizabeth would be seen together over the next year or so, it was only on opposing sides of the ring. Elizabeth would manage the "Mega-Maniacs" over Savage and Zeus (WWF has certainly made its fair share of mistakes) at SummerSlam ‘89, and Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire over Savage and Sherri at WrestleMania VI.

Elizabeth would not appear until one year later where, at WrestleMania VII, Savage lost a retirement match against The Ultimate Warrior. The furious manager, "Sensational Queen" Sherri, would then, literally, kick Savage while he was down. Fortuitously, Miss Elizabeth just happened to be in a ringside seat at the event. She would not allow such actions against the man she still loved, and stormed the ring removing Sherri. Savage and Elizabeth would then embrace in one of WWE's defining moments.

Six months later, at the annual summer spectacular, Savage and Elizabeth got married in "The Match Made in Heaven". Granted, this was a wrestling wedding and it all hit the fan. Jake Roberts brought a snake, Undertaker brought an urn, but the fact is this was the first (at least prominent) wrestling wedding that saw a journey of love end in everlasting commitment... Alright, the two ended up divorcing, but this was the first real love story in professional wrestling.

.:: An Extreme Love ::.

Ah, the fabled story of Lita and Matt Hardy. There never was a tale of more woe than that of a cheat and her fallen man.

The two began dating in '99 before the Hardy Boyz would take her on as their manager (Essa Rios, you fool!) in 2000. After much build up, the relationship would become official in 2001 when Hardy kissed Lita after helping her win a match over Dean Malenko.

Unfortunately, the Hardy brothers would begin to feud soon after. This would result in a match at Vengeance in December of 2001, brother versus brother. Just to make things even more explosive, Lita got pulled into the tussle as the special guest referee. Doing her best to be impartial during the bout, Lita counted Matt's shoulders down for a three count despite his foot being on the bottom rope.

This would cause an infuriated Matt Hardy to fight his brother and Lita the following night in a handicap match. Prior to the match, Lita tried to calm her boyfriend down only for him to say "Just like the Hardy Boyz, Lita, me and you are breaking up!"

The distraught Lita refused to wrestle the majority of the match, but after getting too fed up, hit her now ex-boyfriend with the Litacanrana. Jeff Hardy would then finally tag Lita in, but while she was tending to her partner, Matt rolled her up for the pin.

Alas, was this the end? Well, less than two weeks later Undertaker would dismantle Jeff Hardy and Lita ultimately resulting in an all-round reconciliation. Unfortunately, with Matt trying to defend his family's honour, he would also end up sidelined due to Undertaker-inflicted injuries.

Well all seemed to be on the up ‘n up once again, but this is professional wrestling; nothing's that simple. Lita eventually broke her neck while acting (who'd have thunk it?) and was out of action for the next 17 months. Matt would then, once again, turn on his brother out of jealousy. Eventually, Matt would switch over to the SmackDown brand and go after the Cruiserweight Championship with his Moore-on by his side.

Things would stay like this for some time: Matt Hardy would be a prick on SmackDown while Lita would commentate on Heat as she recovered from injury. Eventually, Eric Bischoff, Raw GM, would fire Lita for rejecting the actualisation of his desires. Six months later, Raw Co-GM Steve Austin would rehire her as an active competitor for the first time in nearly a year and a half.

Matt Hardy would then return to Raw so that he could work on the roster with his girlfriend, but was unfortunately still a prick... until the "Big Red Monster" Kane tried to have his devilish way with Lita. Yes, in one of the most horrific and engaging stories in WWE history, Kane tried to seduce Lita whilst destroying her once-again boyfriend.

Eventually, Kane would even kidnap Lita. In what seemed like a lovely turn of events, Lita would eventually announce that she was pregnant with Matt as the baby-daddy. After an elated Hardy decided to propose to his pregnant girlfriend, Kane claimed that the child was his. Lita, it turned out, had slept with Kane in order to stop his brutal attacks on Matt Hardy.

So who should be the one to marry Lita? Well, as is only done in the world of professional wrestling, Kane defeated Matt Hardy in a "Till Death Do Us Part" match at SummerSlam 2004. Kane got the right to marry Lita, Matt tried to stop it, got a chokeslam off the stage for his troubles, Kane finished his "I do", the two were married, and Matt Hardy was released from the WWE soon after.

Although the two would be involved in each other's lives following this saga, it would once again be on opposite sides of the ring as Lita stood by the side of her new lover, Edge.

.:: The Power Couple ::.

So it seems that wrestling couples may have an expiration date. After all, the previous two are frankly some of the more successful of the lot. However, it seems that one of the most unlikely couples would turn out to be that one that broke the rule.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon began their saga back in 1999. At the time, McMahon was slated to marry her then-boyfriend Test. However, Triple H at the time was involved in a rivalry with Vince McMahon. Triple H would seemingly abduct Stephanie and marry her in a Las Vegas drive-through marriage ceremony.

Eventually, it was revealed that Stephanie was in on the whole thing to get back at her father for when he kidnapped her. This would lead to one of the biggest storylines toward the end of the Attitude Era: The McMahon-Helmsley Era.

The two would go on to head the WWF with both becoming champions; Triple H the WWF Champion, and McMahon the WWF Women's Champion. Triple H was also the leader of DX at the time and so the group aimed to keep the WWF's championships around the waists of the faction.

By the time that WrestleMania 2000 came around, Triple H was defending his WWF Championship against three opponents; Big Show, Mick Foley, and The Rock. Initially, each competitor had a McMahon in their corner (Shane for Big Show, Linda for Foley, Vince for Rock, Stephanie for Triple H), but by the end of the night Vince turned on The Rock so that he could reconcile with his daughter.

The duo continued in their dastardly ways, leading DX and the McMahons into more success and power. In time, Triple H was severely injured and had to take eight months off to recuperate. When he returned, the relationship had gotten so bad that Stephanie faked a pregnancy. When Triple H found out that the pregnancy was faked, the two seemingly divorced.

However, years later in a move that shocked the wrestling world, it was revealed that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H had been married for years! They even have three daughters!

Nowadays, Stephanie McMahon is the Executive Vice President of Creative while Triple H is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. It has been speculated time and again that Triple H is the heir to the McMahon empire and it seems that this couple are only heading in one direction; up.

.:: Love and War ::..

The world of professional wrestling is not kind to the world of love. As far as this writer can tell, there has never been a professional wrestling wedding that ended without all hell breaking loose. It seems to be an unwritten rule that the two worlds must not coincide.

However, as is proof by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, all rules must be broken. All is hell in love and war.

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