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O'Connor shows his allegiance at Unleashed
Written by Zak Wash   
Feb 18, 2013 at 06:00 PM

If there was any doubt left as to Dave O'Connor's allegiance to his former tag partner and 'Team Captain' Dal Knox, it was eradicated on Saturday night at IPW Unleashed.

O'Connor entered the evening expecting to get a shot at his fourth IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship reign, but instead was relegated to special referee position by stand-in Commissioner Dal Knox.

With Dion McCracken out with a supposed throat infection, Knox was put in charge of the night's matches, and the Deal immediately made an impact by announcing the main event had been changed to a fatal four way match that would see Kingi defending his title against Knox, Link and a mystery fourth opponent.

While it might have seemed a good idea at the time, Knox would come to regret the decision as he found himself facing off against two of the toughest competitors in Impact Pro Wrestling as well as the returning Travis Banks, who received the loudest ovation of the night from a fiery crowd of IPW faithful.

To make matters worse for Knox, O'Connor quickly showed that he had no interest in playing the role of unbiased official, attempting several times to fast count his former ally throughout the match.

Early on, Banks signalled his return to IPW with a massive senton bomb off the top rope onto all three of his opponents on the outside. Back in the ring, Link was out to prove that he was ready to compete with the best of the best, taking the champ move for move in a thrilling exhibition of wrestling.

A frustrated Knox attempted to get back into the match by bringing in a steel chain, but referee O'Connor quickly stepped in as things completely broke down.

Travis Banks attempted to take advantage by climbing to the top rope, but got caught by a devastating Pele kick from Link. The Human Bullet followed Banks to the top, but himself got caught in no man's land by Knox, who nailed the Knox Out and looked set to secure victory.

However for the second month in a row Dave O'Connor cost his former tag team partner Dal Knox an IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship victory, when he dragged his former partner out of the ring and allowed Kingi to sneak in and claim the victory.

Afterwards O'Connor and Knox faced off centre ring as the crowd urged them on, and tensions finally boiled over with O'Connor striking the Deal and chasing him backstage.

Earlier in the night, IPW New Zealand Women's Champion Evie was the subject of a brutal attack by both Megan-Kate and Britenay which left the crowd in attendance shocked and the future of Evie's wrestling career in doubt.

The assault came after the fans voted Olivia Shaw as the lady most deserving of an IPW NZ Women's Championship shot, but that was a match which Megan-Kate and Britenay had no intention of allowing to go ahead.

The pair first took out Shaw, leaving her unconscious at ringside as they took to Evie's knee with a baseball bat and left her unable to leave the ring under her own power.

In other big results from IPW Unleashed, Space Mountain defeated Lil T and Liger after Brother T was held up with 'car troubles', while Olivia Shaw and Antonio's date was cut short by a rampant James Shaw.

Your next chance to see the IPW stars in action will be at IPW Genesis on March 30 at the Lynfield Recreation Centre. Stay tuned to NZPWI for more information on the card as it is announced.

IPW Unleashed Results:

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship:
    Fatal Four Way Match:
    Special Referee: Dave O'Connor

    Kingi (c) def. Link, Dal Knox and Travis Banks
    For the second month in a row, Dave O'Connor cost Dal Knox a potential IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship victory when he dragged his former partner from the ring and allowed Kingi to steal a victory.

  • Space Mountain (TJ Rocket and Elias) def. Lil T and Liger
    With Brother T held up with 'car trouble' (in a car that wasn't his no less), Lil T was required to call on the services of Liger to take on the team of TJ Rocket and Elias. In the end the change in partner may have been his undoing, as Space Mountain showed superior team work to earn a big victory and continue their momentum.

  • Aaron "A-Class" Henry def. Pirate Burns
    A-Class secured a confident victory over Pirate Burns, defeating the veteran by locking in an arm bar that earned the tap out.

  • Jace "The Ace" Moore def. Liam Fury by DQ
    Fury, frustrated by Moore's dubious tactics, lost his temper and kicked The Ace below the belt to draw a disqualification. Afterwards, Fury refused to let bygones be bygones and struck his opponent over the head with a microphone in anger.

  • Special Referee: Dave O'Connor
    Pat Schisck def. Joel Clementson

    Dave O'Connor, warming up for his role in the night's main event, showed little interest in enforcing the rule book in this match, a factor which played into Schisck's hands nicely. The big redhead uncovered one of the ring's turnbuckles and threw Clementson into it shoulder first, before nailing his finisher and claiming a controversial victory.

  • If Jakob Cross wins, he gets an IPW contract
    James Shaw def. Jakob Cross

    Competing for an IPW contract, Cross was unable to get the job done and went down to James Shaw's Death Valley Driver.
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

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- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

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