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Elimination Chamber: The Rock retains
Written by David Dunn   
Feb 19, 2013 at 03:38 PM

130219_rockWrestleMania 29 is taking shape with The Rock slated to meet John Cena after retaining the WWE Championship against CM Punk in the Elimination Chamber main event.

Battling both Punk and a stipulation which stripped The Rock of his championship advantage - he would lose the WWE Championship in the event he was counted out or disqualified - Rock had to restrain himself several times throughout the match.

Punk spat in Rock's face, daring him to lose his cool and become disqualified, before the action spilled out of the ring.

In a reversal of roles from the Royal Rumble, it was CM Punk who would give the WWE Champion a Rock Bottom on the commentary table.

When The Rock returned to the ring before being counted out, the action continued until Rock collided with referee Mike Chioda (accidentally, of course) and sent him flying from the ring.

CM Punk hastily nailed a GTS, but with no referee the match continued.

The Rock recovered and nailed Punk with the People's Elbow as a second referee hurried to the ring, but Punk had learned from his mistakes at the Royal Rumble and was able to kick out.

The second referee rolled his ankle as Punk fell on top of him after kicking out, once again leaving the match without an official, as Paul Heyman handed Punk the WWE title belt.

Heyman climbed to the ring apron and held The Rock in position for Punk to nail him with the belt, but Rock ducked out of the way at the last second and left Punk to collide with his manager.

The Rock then dropped Punk with a Rock Bottom as a third referee hit the ring to bring the match to an end, and put The Rock on a collision course with Royal Rumble winner John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

Alberto Del Rio will walk into WrestleMania 29 as the World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Big Show yet again to retain his title.

While Big Show had argued Del Rio's first two victories, both in Last Man Standing contests, had been flukes the giant will be unable to dispute his loss at Elimination Chamber after tapping out to an armbar.

Big Show managed to break out of one armbar from Del Rio, using a modified powerbomb to break the World Heavyweight Champion's grip.

Big Show then began to line up a WMD, until Ricardo Rodriguez leapt to the apron in an attempt to distract the world's largest athlete.

Big Show knocked Rodriguez from the apron but was rocked with a rope-assisted enzuigiri from Del Rio for taking his attention away from the match.

Alberto Del Rio watched as Big Show fell back to the middle of the ring and leapt onto his challenger to lock in the armbar submission. Big Show struggled to get to the ropes but couldn't quite reach and had to concede defeat by tapping out.

Jack Swagger will meet Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29 after a victory inside the Elimination Chamber.

Mark Henry proved he was the world's strongest man by eliminating WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Kane shortly after he had entered the match, but was taken out by a Codebreaker from Jericho and an RKO from Randy Orton.

Orton and Jericho began to brawl, which led to Orton eliminating Y2J with an RKO after countering the Lionsault.

With just Orton and Swagger left in the match, the All-American American hastily rolled Orton up seconds after his elimination of Jericho to sneak the victory and advance to one of the WrestleMania 29 main events.

Elimination Chamber Results:

  • Brodus Clay & Tensai w/ The Funkadactyls def. Team Rhodes Scholars
  • World Heavyweight Championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez def. Big Show
  • United States Championship:
    Antonio Cesaro (c) def. The Miz via disqualification
  • #1 Contender's Elimination Chamber Match to the World Heavyweight Championship:
    Jack Swagger def. Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Mark Henry and Randy Orton
  • The Shield def. John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus
  • Divas Championship:
    Kaitlyn (c) def. Tamina Snuka
  • WWE Championship:
    [If The Rock is counted out or disqualified, CM Punk wins the WWE Championship]
    The Rock (c) def. CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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