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You don’t get it… it just doesn’t make sense!
Written by Craig Stanaway   
Feb 19, 2013 at 06:30 PM

How do storylines lean, lurch and have no continuity whatsoever.  Don't these writers have any pride in their work?  What on earth is going on?  Maybe I know, from firsthand experience.

Ten years ago, I worked for a radio station in London.  The boss had a brilliant but at times very dangerous mind and was extremely intimidating.  You were consistently undermined in the board room.  Belittling, out-of-line comments were the norm.  He was surrounded by yes men who were afraid of him.  He was an undeniable bully but he wasn't as powerful as he used to be.

In the 80s, Kelvin MacKenzie wielded more power than most of Britain's politicians.  He was editor of The Sun, a newspaper with the highest circulation in the world.  Political parties craved an endorsement during general election because it went a long way to gaining the keys to Number 10.  Is it any surprise Kelvin loved Margaret Thatcher and backed her to the hilt?  It was Kelvin who was the brains behind the infamous front page headlines "Gotcha" and "Freddie Starr ate my Hamster".  Those headlines remain a feature of media studies class across the world to this present day.  How he get away with stuff like that?  It can be analysed for hours.

Kelvin made Rupert Murdock a lot of money.  Murdoch went from rich to mega rich.  The financial success of The Sun gave Murdoch the funds to launch of Sky TV.  The rest, they say, is history.  Little wonder that to this day, Kelvin can still pick up the phone and Rupert Murdoch will take his call. 

But here was the problem.  Just like there are four wrestling shows a week, there were three editions to The Sun every day.  Kelvin wouldn't run the same front page on every edition.  He'd be constantly changing his mind.  That worked okay in newspapers but by 2003 I was working for him in radio.  You just couldn't change tact three times a day or you'd look stupid.  Problem was, that's what Kelvin wanted and as a result we all looked stupid.  He didn't care.  He was loaded with cash and had built an empire trusting his gut instincts.

As a result you were either with him, or you were out the door.  They were impossible conditions to work under.  One minute you had a clear idea where you were going, the next moment we were defying all logic and going in the opposite direction.  No one lasted for long, people were consistently getting fired or exiting in frustration.  After four years, I too went the way of all the rest.  I was "Future Endeavored".

To me, this is what it's probably like in the WWE behind closed doors.  It's the only explanation for the lack of continuity.  Every writer I've ever met (and I've met a lot) takes enormous pride in their work and goes to great lengths to ensure continuity in scripts.  The problem with writers though, is that there are lots out there who are unemployed.  So when they land a job they have no option but to listen to the Emporer with no clothes.

I can imagine there were plenty of WWE employees frustrated that there was only one Elimination Chamber match.  I also imagine they're concerned there's only one locked in match for WrestleMania (Del Rio/Swagger), less than 50 days out from the biggest event of the year.  I'm guessing they're desperately trying to convince the boss that they've got to get Punk in a triple treat with Rock or Cena or else they're all going to look stupid having "Twice in a Lifetime".  In my experience, it all falls on deaf ears.  It's brave to question the greatest wrestling promoter of all time, just like it was brave to question one of the greatest newspaper editors of all time. Your job is at stake.

It's obvious therefore that Mr McMahon character isn't an act.  The best wrestling characters are often portrayed by people who ramp up their own personalities.  Vinnie Mac's been in the business a lifetime.  No surprise the greatest promoter is also one of the greatest characters in the business.


Classic Kelvin, at the Leverson Enquiry, showing how much respect he had for John Major while he was still Prime Minister.

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