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NZWPW: Project Mayhem reaches breaking point
Written by David Dunn   
Feb 25, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Project Mayhem reached breaking point this past Saturday with a loss to Kingi and Travis Banks in the main event of NZWPW Proving Grounds.

It was obvious, even before the match began, Idol and Shaw were not going to be a cohesive unit. Shaw insisted on entering the ring to his own theme music, and Idol chose to wrestle in trunks which did not match his partner.

Banks and Kingi, meanwhile, showed a level of teamwork usually reserved for tandems with far more experience together, and certainly did not resemble men who had wrestled one another for the IPW Championship just one week earlier.

Banks began the Proving Grounds main event firmly in control of Project Mayhem (who considered leaving Wainuiomata and going home instead of facing the Peak of Perfection) and demonstrated some of the skills he had picked up while in Japan's Pro Wrestling Zero1.

Project Mayhem continued to take a beating when the action spilled out of the ring and both Banks and Kingi lit the pair up with a series of knife-edge chops.

Idol and Shaw got things back on track when their desire to outperform one another led to a series of tags in and out of the match, isolating IPW Champion Kingi from his partner in the process.

Neither Idol nor Shaw could put Kingi away (despite their claims to each other) and Kingi eventually tagged Travis Banks back into the match. Banks knocked Project Mayhem out of the ring with a pair of lariats and wiped both his opponents out with a senton bomb to the outside.

James Shaw tripped Travis when he returned to the top rope, and Idol flung Banks back to the centre of the ring.

Shaw waited for Banks to pull himself back to his feet in the corner and tried to rock Banks with a back elbow, but Banks latched on to his opponent and drove Shaw to the mat with a German suplex.

Johnny Idol raced around the ring and pulled Kingi off the apron to prevent Banks from making a tag before tagging Shaw out of the contest and driving Banks to the mat with a back-to-belly piledriver. Idol wiped out attempting an elbow drop though, and tags were made to both Kingi and Shaw.

Kingi took down Project Mayhem with a T-bone suplex or two and fired off a Silencer Superkick at James Shaw, who blocked the shot and countered with Lorenzo's Soil. Travis Banks broke up the following cover.

Banks knocked Idol out of the ring with a flying knee strike but suffered a DVD from Shaw. Shaw followed up with a DVD on Kingi but was dragged from the ring by Johnny Idol, who wanted to be the one to defeat the IPW Champion.

Shaw, meanwhile, spilled out of the ring when Travis Banks pulled the top rope down which left Kingi alone with Idol in the middle of the ring.

The IPW Champion blasted the NZWPW Champion with a Silencer Superkick and covered him to pick up a victory against Project Mayhem.

It appears Banks and Kingi's match may be the last one ever wrestled against Project Mayhem, as Idol and Shaw broke down definitively after the match.

Despite being the man who was pinned, Idol snapped on Shaw and low-blowed his former friend before delivering a Mayhem Buster. Idol then retrieved the NZWPW Championship and rocked Shaw with two solid shots to the head, leaving his former partner unconscious in the middle of the ring.

NZWPW Proving Grounds Results:

  • Jade Priest def. Hayden Thiele
    Thiele blocked a Codebreaker attempt from Priest, but Jade switched up his game-plan and dished out a spike DDT before going back to the Codebreaker to secure the win.

  • Brother T def. "That Young Warrior" Paul Sayers
    Brother T blocked a rebound lariat from Sayers and answered with a sit-out spinebuster, but wiped out attempting a standing corkscrew splash. Sayers moved his opponent to the top rope and called for a brainbuster but was pushed to the mat before he could execute the move. Brother T then dived onto Sayers with a phoenix splash for the victory.

  • 5 Man Elimination #1 Contender's Match to the He Toa Cup:
    "Dream Catcher" Phil Woodgate def. Chad Howard, Jace "The Ace" Moore, Skull Kid and TJ Rocketman
    Woodgate spent much of the match disguised as original entrant Fantastic Flea's cousin, Pablo the Janitor, and helped to eliminate Skull Kid by spraying Pledge in his eyes. TJ Rocketman and Jace "The Ace" Moore were next eliminated, leaving Chad Howard and Pablo to go it alone. Axl suddenly appeared at ringside and dropped Howard with a chokeslam, before Woodgate, now unmasked, covered him to claim a He Toa Cup match for the Circus of Tragedy.

  • Misty def. Amy St Clere
    After brawling with Misty while serving as a special referee last week, St Clere held her own against NZWPW's veteran female competitor and came close to submitting Misty in an armbar. Amy tried to use a crucifix and pin Misty when she didn't tap out, but Misty took advantage of St Clere moving to her shoulders and finished her with the Raging Thunder.

  • Nick Silver's Power Play X Open Challenge:
    Corey Dallas def. Axl w/ "Dream Catcher" Phil Woodgate
    Wainuiomata native Corey Dallas answered the open challenge, issued by Woodgate on Silver's behalf, and found out he would be wrestling Axl instead. Woodgate tried to influence things when he slid Axl a chain, but Chad Howard hit the ring to take Woodgate out of the equation and allow CD to smash into Axl with a big spear tackle for the win.

  • Kingi & Travis Banks def. Project Mayhem (James Shaw & Johnny Idol)
    Project Mayhem could have won the bout if they had worked together, but once it became an every-man-for-himself scenario, Kingi picked off NZWPW Champion Johnny Idol with the Silencer Superkick to hand he and Banks the victory.
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