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Main Event: Angry Big Show Is Angry
Written by Scott Anderson   
Feb 25, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Don’t make Big Show angry; you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.  But angry he is, and the World’s Largest Athlete turned up on WWE Main Event to vent that anger against any and all comers.  Yet after defeating four other men with what could almost be called ease, an unlikely threat emerged to give Big Show something to think about.

It was an enraged Big Show who stomped down to the ring, cutting his own ring entrance short to grab a microphone and bellow his anger about the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Elimination, not to mention the words and deeds of everyone from the commentators, the backstage crew, Booker T and, indeed, the entire SmackDown roster.  Shouting that he had enough of being made to look a fool each and every time he stepped foot between the ropes Show dared Booker T to send anyone he could from backstage down to the ring to test themselves against the angry giant.

First out were both Jey and Jimmy Uso.  Show grabbed both by the throats from the outset and knocked first one brother then the other down with head butts, before taking his time to chop the breath out of their chests.  Show then went to do a Vader Bomb on Jimmy, but Jey pulled his brother to safety under the ropes and the pair quickly returned to the ring to grab Show into a double suplex.  A double superkick followed quickly, before a double elbow drop, but a subsequent double term move was cut short as the frustrated Show just shrugged both of the capable athletes as if they weren't there.

Show then toppled Jey over the ropes to the outside before charging into Jimmy with a huge shoulder block.  Show then picked Jimmy up by the throat for the Choke Slam; Jey attempted to intervene only to be grabbed around the throat himself.  A double Choke Slam then followed, with Big Show then laying across both the Uso twins to secure himself the victory.

Next out was Brodus Clay, who danced his way out to the ring to test himself against Show.  An early test of strength indicated both men were equally matched, until Big Show snuck in a cheap shot to bend Clay over double.  Clay attempted to fight back, but from that early turn of the tables The Funkasaurus seemed unable to recover, the bout ending just shy of ten minutes when Clay walked squarely into Big Show's gigantic WMD punch.

Last out was the big lumbering Indian oak, the Punjabi Playboy Great Khali.  Chops fell left and right, the big men going at each other like lumberjacks, and it was Khali who looked closest to felling the other's tree, nailing Show with a huge forearm that sent Show under the ropes and down to the floor to recover his composure.

Back in the ring Show managed to catch Khali side-on with a spear tackle, but Khali was able to haul himself relatively quickly by the turnbuckle back to his feet, lifting his boot as Show ran in for a splash.  A big chop from Khali then followed and once again Show rolled out of the ring to recover, but this time the big Indian was quick to follow. 

Khali blocked a blow from Show out on the floor, grabbing Show's arm and whipping him with all his strength into the ring steps. Show hit hard, his massive weight causing the steps to resound loudly, and Khali roared with delight.  But as Khali attempted to hoist his massive frame back into the ring Show was able to recover and with one great big right handed punch he was able to knock Khali out cold.  And as Khali lay insensate outside the ring, Show clambered back under the ropes to beat the ten count and win the match.

But then The Miz leapt up from the commentary position, tearing off his coat and tie, launching himself to attack the tired Big Show.  Miz drove his knees repeatedly into Show's face, causing the giant to roll out of the ring to safety, and when he attempted to get back within the squared circle Miz was waiting with a running knee strike to send Show tumbling back to the floor.  No referee was involved or bell sounded, but Miz stood tall as the red-faced, enraged Big Show made his way backstage.

In the encore to this week's main event the "South African Werewolf" Justin Gabriel continued his in-ring return from injury, facing one-half of the Prime Time Players, the massively strong Titus O'Neil.  But Gabriel's quickness stood him in good stead against the power of O'Neil, and the South African daredevil survived bear hugs, suplexes and big power moves to down O'Neil with a spectacular kick to the back of the head followed by the always-impressive 450 Splash.

WWE Main Event results:

  • Big Show def. The Usos (tornado tag team handicap match)
  • Big Show def. Brodus Clay
  • Big Show def. Great Khali
  • Justin Gabriel def. Titus O'Neil



Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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