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Pro Wrestling Training

One of the questions we get asked most often at NZPWI is "how do I become a pro-wrestler?" We've put together this short guide with all of the information you need in helping to fulfil your dream.

NZPWI is NOT a pro-wrestling promotion – simply a pro-wrestling news and information website. Although we used to run the NZPWI Invitational event, we do not train wrestlers or hold shows ourselves. We recommend any of the following training schools if you would like to follow your dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

Who do I contact?

There are several reputable pro-wrestling training schools in New Zealand, affiliated with Impact Pro Wrestling, Kiwi Pro Wrestling and New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling.

Impact Pro Wrestling (Auckland)

The Impact Pro Wrestling Training Academy holds beginner, intermediate and advanced pro wrestling classes weekly in Auckland. IPW also holds yearly try outs for those wanting to train in professional wrestling for a career in IPW and beyond. Contact IPW for information on the next try out.

Contact details:

Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling (Auckland)
The Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling holds classes every Saturday from 10am – 1pm at Beyond Gym in Avondale at a cost of $20 per person.

Contact details:
Graham Hughes (Head Trainer)
Phone: 021 0811 9971

Maniacs United (Auckland)
Maniacs United provides training for beginner to intermediate wrestlers. Classes cover professional wrestling moves, character development, acting, ring psychology and everything else you will need to be a successful professional wrestler. Classes run on Saturdays from 2 - 5pm and Mondays from 7 - 9.30pm at a cost of $20 per class, or two for $30. Maniacs United also specialises in female pro wrestling and junior training. Visit for more information.

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (Petone)
NZWPW holds regular training sessions at the He Toa Gym, North Street, Petone (next to the Ava Railway Station on the Upper Hutt line) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm for a yearly membership fee of $150.

Contact details:
Martin Stirling (Head Trainer)
Phone: (04) 939 2503

Kiwi Pro Wrestling (Wellington)
Visit the KPW Website for more information on the Wild 4 Wrestling training school.

Southern Championship Wrestling (Nelson, Blenheim)
SCW holds classes on Friday evenings in Blenheim.

Contact details:

KPW Queenstown Pro Wrestling Academy (Queenstown)
The Queenstown Pro Wrestling Academy holds classes every Saturday from 5.30 - 7.30pm at a cost of $10 per person. While not a promotion on its own, the Queenstown Pro Wrestling Academy is affiliated with Kiwi Pro Wrestling.

Contact details:
Marc Perry (Head Trainer)
Phone: 021 254 8537

What if I'm too young? What can I do?

There are certainly several things you can do to get on the right course to try and become a pro-wrestler if you are too young to start training, including:

  • Join a martial arts club. Judo and jiu-jitsu in particular are fantastic grappling arts to get you going.

  • Look after your body – eat a clean, balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Weight training is not a good idea for people under 15 years-of-age as your body is still developing, as you can damage yourself if you lift weights at a young age.

  • DON'T get involved in backyard wrestling. Although it can be fun emulating your favourite stars with your mates, you'll have a high likelihood of suffering a serious injury. Backyard wrestlers are looked down on by those in the industry, as they tend to form bad habits that promote injury. You might find it hard to enter a promotion if you boast about your "backyard prowess".
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