Evie crowned first IPW Women’s Champion at Destiny

Through five long years of hard work and dedication, Evie fulfilled her “destiny” on Saturday night to be crowned the first ever IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion.

Emotions flooded the 24-year-old as Evie was handed the brand-new IPW Women’s Championship. She scratched her name into New Zealand wrestling history in front of a sold-out crowd at the Lynfield Recreation Centre.

Originally slated to be a one-on-one match between Britenay and Evie, the main event was changed to a triple threat in the opening moments of the match by IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken.

Ruffled and out of breath, McCracken added BFF member Megan Kate to the match after a series of controversial finishes that have plagued the women’s championship tournament. The decision to include Megan Kate in the main event was clearly not appreciated by Britenay or Evie, who showed their displeasure as Megan Kate made her entrance.

Angered by the decision, Britenay attacked Megan Kate immediately, choking her in the turnbuckle while screaming, “you’re out of the tournament!”

Evie quickly came to the aid of her partner, rolling Britenay up with a school boy for a two count, initializing a chain of pinfall attempts from all three competitors.

Evie found herself on the receiving end of a “Britenay Spears”, ejecting her to ringside. Megan Kate quickly capitalised on Britenay, viciously attacking her with a series of forearms against the guard rail.

Megan Kate continued her vicious streak inside the ring, sending Britenay crashing into the turnbuckle pad before wiping her face with a kick. As Evie made her way back into the ring, Megan Kate looked for her partner to help remove the vixen from the Waikato from the equation.

Megan Kate restrained Britenay with a full nelson as Evie charged up her boot for a running yakuza, but missed her target as Britenay sidestepped, causing her to hit Megan Kate!

Britenay attempted to spear Evie into the corner but failed to connect. Evie quickly followed up but failed with another running yakuza but downed the vixen with a standing high kick.

With Britenay temporarily eliminated from the equation, Evie set her crosshairs on Megan Kate, whipping her partner into the turnbuckle and monkey flipping her across the ring and following up with a running snapmare.

The two BFFs exchanged a series of forearms before Megan Kate caught Evie off guard with a running shoulder block, gaining a two count. Fuelled by adrenalin, Evie immediately began to fight back, attacking Megan Kate with her trademark forearm smashes and hitting a huge backbreaker for a two count.

Recovered from ringside, Britenay made her presence felt once again inside the ring, viciously ejecting Evie to ringside by her hair.

Britenay’s temper began to boil as she began her assault on Megan Kate, throwing her to the canvas by her hair and locking in a sleeper hold. Megan Kate slowly fought back, rising out of the hold. Britenay whipped her into the turnbuckle but failed to land a clothesline after Megan Kate put her boot up, clipping her in the jaw.

Britenay retaliated, ejecting Megan Kate to ringside. Britenay’s attention quickly turned to Evie who quietly got back into the ring. Britenay caught Evie with a bear hug, squeezing the life out of the young star before slamming her to the canvas for a two count.

As the match continued, Britenay struggled off Evie’s shoulders as she attempted the TTYL, pushing her into the turnbuckle. Evie climbed to the middle rope before being cut off with a overhand palm by Britenay.

Britenay placed Evie into position for the super back body drop, wearing her down with forearms as she climbed the turnbuckles. Suddenly, Megan Kate arrived on the scene. Britenay clutched onto Evie as Megan Kate toppled the tower, resulting in a sitout powerbomb/German suplex that crippled the two women.

All three competitors slowly regained their composure. Britenay blocked a kick attempt from Megan Kate, hitting her with the IMA Stunner before directing her attention to Evie. Stunned from before, a vulnerable Evie walked directly into Britenay’s clutches as she hit the Extreme Makeover.

Britenay’s eyes turned to gold as she covered her adversary for the three count but the pinfall was broken by Megan Kate, who kept her championship dreams alive. Britenay attempted to attack Megan Kate but ran directly into a sitout powerbomb, but failed to keep her down for the three count.

Megan Kate pulled Britenay to her feet but the vixen retaliated, locking the BFF in for an Extreme Makeover. Megan Kate quickly reversed, countering with the elevated Boston crab.

With the submission locked in perfectly, Britenay screamed as her championship glory slowly faded away. Recovered, Evie kept her championship dream alive, kicking her BFF partner in the face to break the hold. Stunned, Megan Kate could not defend herself against her partner, falling victim to the TTYL. The crowd exploded as Evie gained the three count, becoming the first ever IPW Women’s Champion.

With tears of happiness in her eyes, Evie celebrated her crowning achievement to a standing ovation from the fans at ringside in an historic moment that will be remembered for years to come.

Also at IPW Destiny, the feud between “Handsome” Danny Jacobs and his former protege, Elias, reached a new boiling point after Jacobs walked out during the “Taranaki Tether” match.

Jacobs sustained a heavy beating from Elias, who vented months of frustration on his former mentor by whipping him with the tether. Elias looked to have Jacobs beat, setting him up for the Face Off Powerbomb, but Britenay intervened, hitting him with a low-blow and releasing Jacobs from the tether before retreating backstage, leaving a very frustrated “Man Mountain” inside the ring.

Neo Justice Double successfully retained the IPW Tag Team Championship against TNT’s Lil T and Brother T in a brutal “828 Street Fight”. The brawl erupted inside the ring and out, as all four wrestlers took the fight around the Lynfield Recreation Centre – giving the fans front-row seats regardless of where they were seated.

Kazuki’s trademark green mask was stained in blood after Lil T blocked a suicide dive with a steel chair, nailing him in the skull. Van Haggard felt the pain after being thrown from the turnbuckle to ringside, crashing through a wooden board placed on the guard rail and ring apron. Through road signs, kendo sticks, suicide dives and ladders, Kazuki eventually retained the championships after reversing a tornado DDT attempt from the top rope by Brother T, hitting him with the sliced bread onto a ladder.

IPW Destiny Results:

  • strong>Liam Fury, Megan Kate & Pirate Burns def. James Shaw, Liger & Olivia Shaw
    After splitting James Shaw’s lip open, Liam locked the psychotic one into a Dragon Sleeper, causing him to submit.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship, 828 Street Fight:
    Neo Justice Double (c) def. TNT

    Neo Justice Double retained the IPW Tag Team Championship after Kazuki pinned Brother T with the Sliced Bread.
  • Travis Banks def. Brian Seeker
    After hitting a top rope roaring knee, Banks locked Seeker into the Lionclutch crossface for the win.
  • Taranaki Tether Match:
    No Contest: Elias vs. “Handsome” Danny Jacobs

    Elias vs. “Handsome” Danny Jacobs ended in a no contest after Britenay low-blowed Elias as he attempted to hit Jacobs with the Face Off Powerbomb, releasing him from the tether.
  • Antonio def. TJ Rocket
    IPW Commentator Iain Kenderdine interfered in the contest, allowing Antonio to hit a neckbreaker for the win.
  • “The Deal” Dal Knox & “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn def. Kingi & Reuben de Jong
    With the monster de Jong hot on Dunn’s tail in the backstage area, Knox rolled Kingi up for the three count, using the ropes for leverage to steal a win.
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    Evie def. Britenay and Megan Kate

    Evie hit Megan Kate with the TTYL to become the first ever IPW Women’s Champion.