Sinclair takes out three at Hughes Academy debut

130513_shane“The Shooter” Shane Sinclair returns to Wellington with the Hughes Academy Trophy after defeating T-Rex, Charlie Roberts and Inferno on Saturday night.

Sinclair utilised a heel hook to forced T-Rex to submit in his quarter final match with the Storm Wrestling Academy graduate.

“The Shooter” would live up to his nickname yet again when he submitted Charlie Roberts with the heel hook in semi-final action, setting Sinclair on a collision course with Inferno in the night’s main event.

Inferno proved to be Sinclair’s toughest opponent as he dictated the pace of the final match in the Hughes Academy Trophy tournament.

Furthermore, Inferno honed in on Sinclair’s arm, which had been damaged during his semi-final match with Charlie Roberts.

Inferno wrapped Sinclair’s arm around the top rope and jarred it when he dropped to the floor before returning to the ring to stretch the rules with a series of illegal holds – which he would break just before the referee’s five count.

Sinclair began to rally back against Inferno only to be dropped with a DDT as he attempted a hip toss.

With Sinclair now on the mat, Inferno applied the Cinder Lock in the hope of making Sinclair tap out.

“The Shooter” did not give up and managed to break the hold, leaving Inferno without a plan of action.

Sinclair exploded with a Techniplex in the middle of the ring while Inferno tried to regroup, and covered the former KPW Champion to take out the win and the Hughes Academy Trophy.

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling Results:

  • El Condor def. El Grindo and Stix
    El Condor countered a hurricanrana with a powerbomb, driving his opponent to the mat before covering them fro a rare victory.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Quarter Final:
    Inferno def. “Marvellous” Mark Freemantle
    “Marvellous” Mark tried to work over Inferno’s knee in preparation for a sharpshooter but Inferno caught a kick from the Canadian and dropped him with the Extinguisher.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Quarter Final:
    Graham Hughes def. “The Natural” Steve Jordan w/ Alex “Danger” Donahue & Raven Vogue
    Despite Rodeo Drive’s best attempts to interfere in the match, Graham Hughes was able to nail “The Natural” with a Tomorrow Driver and advance to the tournament semi-final.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Quarter Final:
    “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair def. T-Rex
    “The Shooter” took T-Rex down to remove his size advantage and finished him with a heel hook submission.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Quarter Final:
    Charlie Roberts w/ Alex “Danger” Donahue & Raven Vogue def. Kade Morgan
    After being thwarted earlier in the night, Alex “Danger” Donahue and Raven Vogue successfully interfered in Charlie Roberts’ match. Donahue clocked Kade Morgan with a chain while Vogue distracted Morgan and Roberts distracted the referee, leading to a tainted victory for Roberts.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Semi Final:
    Inferno def. Graham Hughes
    Inferno bent the rules, and a steel chair over Graham Hughes’ back, when he used the foreign object after having knocked down referee Daniel Martins. With Hughes now also down, Inferno revived the referee and covered Hughes to advance.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Semi Final:
    “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair def. Charlie Roberts w/ Alex “Danger” Donahue & Raven Vogue
    Sinclair withstood Roberts’ assault on his arm and ducked under an enzuigiri from the A-Lister before locking him in the heel hook submission and forcing Roberts to tap out.
  • Angel & Lazarus Volt def. Jimmy Fox & Krystal Kayne
    Jimmy Fox held Angel in position for Krystal Kayne to attack her but miscommunication led to Kayne clotheslining Fox instead. Lazarus Volt then ejected Fox from the ring while Angel rolled Krystal Kayne up for the win.
  • Rhys Youngblood def. Jimmy Fox
    Discontent with the match he had had, Jimmy Fox demanded he be brought a new opponent. To his surprise, former FCW Superstar Rhys Youngblood answered the challenge and made very short work of his opponent.
  • Scarlett def. Alex “Danger” Donahue w/ Charlie Roberts, Raven Vogue & Steve Jordan
    Scarlett’s original match with Suzie Q was called off due to an injury, leaving Scarlett without an opponent. Surprisingly, Alex “Danger” Donahue came to the ring demanding to wrestle Scarlett and redeem Rodeo Drive. Scarlett lit Donahue up with a series of chops before a curbstomp drove his head into the mat and finished the match.
  • Hughes Academy Trophy Final:
    “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair def. Inferno
    Sinclair survived a Cinder Lock and slammed Inferno to the mat with a Techniplex to take out the win and the Hughes Academy Trophy.