IPW: Evie fights to regain title at Last Chance

The IPW Women’s Championship will finally be defended when the champion, Emmy Driver, meets her first challenger, Evie, at this Saturday’s Nightmare Road: Last Chance.

This match stems from many months’ worth of controversy, following the initial closure of IPW in April.

Despite being champion when IPW closed its doors, the reopening of the organisation in July saw Evie stripped of her title.

The re-debut of IPW would then see a triple threat championship match between Evie, Britenay, and Olivia Shaw thrown out because of interference by Megan-Kate.

Following this, IPW’s Head of Live Events, Steve Wrigley, would declare the unknown and inexperienced Emmy Driver as champion, citing the need for a public face for the division. Naturally, all the female wrestlers on the roster were sickened.

A tournament would be held over the following months to determine a new number one contender to Driver’s title.

Britenay defeated Olivia Shaw in the opening round while Evie defeated her former BFF, Megan-Kate. Following this, at Right to Reclaim in October, Evie defeated her long-time rival to regain number one contendership.

Now, Evie has a chance to claim back the championship she never lost while Driver has an opportunity to prove all fans wrong, to prove she has the skills required of a champion. This is a match all New Zealand wrestlers are sure to be watching closely.

The other big match of the night will see former IPW Champion Travis Banks take on former NZWPW Champion Tykade.

Banks returned to IPW at the end of October’s event by saving James Shaw and locking current champ Vinny Dunn in his signature Lion Clutch.

Wrigley and Dunn have taken issue with Banks’ return, so he has been placed in a match with their monster crony. This is one of Banks’ biggest challenges yet, but he must beat the colossus known as Tykade if he is to have another chance at the title he never lost.

And, as announced yesterday, Wrigley has a big announcement that will affect both this Saturday’s bout between Banks and Tykade, and the final IPW event of the year, Nightmare Before Xmas.

“You don’t have to be a genius to know this is some scheme from Wrigley and Vinny,” Banks told NZPWI.

“But honestly I really don’t care. I have proven myself worthy of that title before and no matter what lies ahead of me I will overcome it. This just makes me believe that they are scared of me and will stop at nothing to hold me back.”

IPW Last Chance takes place this tomorrow, November 16, at the Lynfield Recreation Centre. Click here for a map. Doors open at 6.30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm. Tickets are available at the door ($15 for adults, $8 for children). The card, subject to change, is listed below.

IPW Last Chance Card:

  • Travis Banks vs. Tykade
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    Emmy Driver (c) vs. Evie
  • The Agents of Change & Curt Chaos vs. Alfred Valentine & TnT
  • Joel Clementson vs. Liger