Maniacs United: Stryker gets his rematch

After being cheated at Maniacs Strikes Back, Dan Stryker gets a rematch with JPE tonight at Seasons Beatings.

Stryker made his debut for Maniacs United earlier this year, and went straight after JPE in the night’s inter-gender main event. A distraction from MC Maverick allowed JPE to blast Stryker with a chair though, stealing the victory.

As such, Stryker has been granted a rematch with JPE, and looks to even the score and embarrass her at the last Maniacs United show of the year.

To help Stryker in his cause, the Maniacs United locker-room will surround the ring for a lumberjack match main event.

Can JPE find a way to bend the rules in her favour once more, or with the eyes of the locker-room on her, will the Maniacs United founder fall to Dan Stryker?

Also on the Seasons Beatings card, KPW’s Tank makes his debut in Auckland.

Tank has wrestled around New Zealand and Australia, but was last seen in action in January, 2012.

Will the veteran experience any ring rust when he takes on Rise, perhaps leading to an upset victory, or will Rise find out the hard way what it’s like to step into the ring for the first time?

Maniacs United Seasons Beatings takes place tonight, December 7, at Fruitvale School, New Lynn, Auckland. Doors open at 7pm with the first match scheduled for 7.30pm. Tickets are available on the door. The card, subject to change, is listed below.

Maniacs United Seasons Beatings Card:

  • Lumberjack Match:
    Dan Stryker vs. JPE
  • Rise vs. Tank
  • Daeshandra vs. Shine
  • Kingston Eclipse vs. Lord Cunnington