Hughes Academy results from Tauranga

Results from the Hughes Academy’s exhibition show held in Tauranga last Saturday, February 15:

  • Frankie Quinn def. Charlie Roberts
  • “The Neo Viper” Kartik def. Graham Hughes
  • Stix def. Kade Morgan and Mark Freemantle
  • Hayden Daniels def. “The Neo Viper” Kartik
  • Shadow Ninja def. Curtis Castlewood
  • Stix def. Graham Hughes
  • Stix def. Curtis Castlewood
  • Kade Morgan def. Mark Freemantle
  • Krystal Kayne def. Graham Hughes
  • Falls Count Anywhere:
    Stix def. Charlie Roberts
  • Falls Count Anywhere:
    Lazarus Volt def. Scowlin’ Wolf
  • Graham Hughes def. Charlie Roberts, Frankie Quinn and Krystal Kayne
  • Over-the-Top-Rope Tauranga Rumble:
    Hayden Daniels eliminated Graham Hughes to win