Friends turn foes at NZWPW Beatdown

140328_beatdownPaul Sayers’ quest for the perfect partner led him to Chad Howard and ultimately the NZWPW Tag Team Championships late last year. Now Howard and Sayers at at odds with one another, and will be in opposite corners tonight.

Last month’s Bringing Down the House event almost saw the 20/20 Experience’s tag team title reign come to an end, but Howard ensured Sayers was not pinned before taking advantage of a confusing situation and finishing off Jade Priest.

Sayers feels as though he scored a hollow victory though, and put forward a challenge to Howard: Both men will select a partner to determine who the best tag team wrestler in their team really is.

As such, tonight at NZWPW Bringing Down the House: Beatdown, Paul Sayers teams up with Taylor Adams to take on Chad Howard and a partner of his choosing.

Howard has yet to make a public announcement about his opponent, and neither he nor Sayers could be reached for comment, but having the NZWPW Tag Team Champions on opposite sides of the ring is bound to make an interesting dynamic for tonight’s bout regardless of the other men in the match.

Sayers and Adams were temporarily aligned with one another last year in their quest to fight off the Nobodies, so will have a degree of camaraderie to draw upon. Can Howard pick a partner with which he will have a similar bond?

And, perhaps most importantly, will this match clear the air between the 20/20 Experience and get them back on the same page, or could this only exacerbate their issues and put real a strain on the tag team titleholders?

NZWPW Bringing Down the House: Beatdown takes places tonight at the He Toa Gym on North Street, Petone. Click here for a map. Doors open at 7pm with the first match scheduled for 7.30pm. Tickets are available on the door ($15 for adults, $10 foe children). The card, subject to change, is listed below.

NZWPW Bringing Down the House Card:

  • Chad Howard & ??? vs. Paul Sayers & Taylor Adams
  • D-Hoya & Ben Mana vs. The Nobodies
  • Kade Morgan vs. Shane Sinclair
  • Axl vs. Bryant
  • Jade Priest vs. Osiris
  • Scarlett vs. Sonya Myers
  • Hayden Thiele vs. Kauri Walker