High-flying and Maniacal action

Hotaru was victorious in triple threat action at Maniacs United’s A Pinch & A Punch in some fast paced, high-flying action.

The scheduled match was to see Hotaru face off against Kingston Eclipse and Charlie Roberts, but Roberts decided that he needed to protect his face for an “upcoming movie role”. As such, he made his manager, Blake Kensington III, fight in his place. Furthermore, the match was turned into an elimination style bout.

Unfortunately for Kensington, Eclipse and Hotaru decided to make the most of the elimination format. After Eclipse hit Kensington with a massive right hand, Hotaru connected with a superkick and the two pinned him simultaneously for the elimination.

Now down to a one-on-one scenario, the two began with a flurried back and forth encounter. Throughout the entire match, there was no one clearly in control; both competitors used a combination of hard strikes and high-flying acrobatics to try and outdo one another.

From diving sentons into the audience, to missed corkscrew dives inside the ring, Hotaru had his work cut out for him. His win was only assured at the end when he hit Eclipse with a devastating superkick followed by a frog splash that almost touched the roof.

After the match was done, the two shook hands and Eclipse raised the hand of the South African luchadore. The fans in attendance giving both a well deserved applause to end the night.

Earlier in the night, JPE was forced to run the gauntlet to have a shot at Scarlett’s KPW Women’s Championship. For the first match, JPE hired Blake Kensington III to be her manager and distraction. This worked wonders as a clearly dominant O’Beast received what appeared to be a wrench to the face, sending JPE into match two.

Her next opponent was the man simply known as Rise. This match was a bit more even as Kensington was not hired to stick around. In the end though, it was JPE who made Rise humble by sticking him in a camel clutch and making him tap out.

After a quick break, JPE faced her third and final opponent of the evening: KPW Women’s Champion, Scarlett. While this match could have been a lot more even, JPE kept getting distracted by the booing audience which allowed Scarlett to keep taking the advantage. In the end, the ref called for the bell with JPE being held in the middle of the ring with a cross armed camel clutch known as the Scarlett Fever.

Maniacs United A Pinch & A Punch Results:

  • Stix def. Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja submitted while in a figure four lock.

  • JPE w/ Blake Kensington III def. O’Beast
    JPE scored the pinfall following a wrench shot to the head.

  • JPE def. Rise
    JPE forced Rise to submit with a camel clutch.

  • KPW Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) def. JPE

    Scarlett scored the submission victory following her Scarlett Fever.

  • Three Way Dance:
    Hotaru def. Kingston Eclipse and Blake Kensington III

    Kensington was pinned after a superkick from Hotaru while Eclipse was pinned following a frog splash.