Liam Fury speaks on IPW title win

140709_furyLiam Fury saw an opportunity and took advantage of it at IPW Trial by Combat.

The new IPW Champion spoke to the IPW Informer’s Ben Kettell moments after cashing-in on his Eliminator win and beating Travis Banks this past Saturday.

Fury was quick to clarify he never said he would not take advantage of a weakened Banks, which he unquestionably did at Trial by Combat.

“I saw the opportunity and I took advantage,” he said. “The plan came together.”

Fury blindsided Banks with a missile dropkick moments after Banks had been through hard-hitting triple threat bout with the Agents of Change, Aaron Henry and Jakob Cross, his third title match of the night.

Was it a plan since day one? IPW Director Daniel Burnell offered up his thoughts:

“Travis Banks, I told you at Trial by Combat that you would face your fear and you would lose. The man, the champion standing next to me right now is the physical incarnation of that fear.

“When that demon in your head gets the better of you, Travis, and you look in the mirror and you ask yourself, ‘Am I the best?’ this man possesses your thoughts. He is that doubt, he is that fear, he is that demon in your head, because you know he’s the better man.”

Banks will invoke the rematch clause of his contract, which allows him to challenge Liam Fury for the IPW Championship, at Rival Turf next month, Kettell said.