Burns betrays Origin at IPW Rival Turf

BATTLE LINES: The Investment and The Origin face off during the Capture the Flag Match at IPW Rival Turf. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

BATTLE LINES: The Investment and The Origin face off during the Capture the Flag Match at IPW Rival Turf. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

A shocking betrayal from Pirate Burns handed The Investment an all-important victory over The Origin in Rival Turf’s Capture the Flag Match this past Saturday.

Burns defected from The Origin by attacking Alfred Valentine with a flag before removing his maroon track jacket to reveal an Investment T-shirt underneath.

The Origin were already fighting against the odds after having lost the coin-toss to determine which side would have an advantage under the staggered entry system earlier in the evening.

Aaron Henry began the match for The Investment against The Origin’s Lil T. Jakob Cross was the next man to enter the match, and the Agents of Change soon made the most of their two-on-one advantage by smashing Lil T through a table.

The Origin did have some moments of dominance as the Capture the Flag Match rolled on.

Alfred Valentine was able to execute a 450 Splash onto Pat Schisk moments after entering the match, and Alexander laid out almost the entire Investment side with hard right hands when it came his time to enter the bout.

Burns’ betrayal was too much to come back from though, and an exhausted Origin side could only look on as Burns struck Valentine down with a flag before offloading it to The Investment, who gathered the other flag and mounted both in their corner to bring an end to Rival Turf’s double-ring spectacular.

Prior to the night’s main event, an emotional Olivia Shaw took to the ring to express her disappointment with her role in IPW as of late.

Olivia objected to being left off the Rival Turf card, and told the sold-out Lynfield Recreation Centre she was feeling undervalued by IPW.

IPW Director Daniel Burnell made matters worse for Olivia when he asked her to leave the ring so the Capture the Flag Match could begin, rather than sympathising with her concerns.

Olivia announced that she would leave the ring for good, and told Burnell she quit IPW before heading back to the locker-room in tears.

IPW Rival Turf Results:

  • Johnny Idol def. Liger
    Idol used his speed advantage and surprised the hard-hitting Liger with a roll-up to take the win. Idol was blindsided after the bout though, when Khan attacked him as Idol was celebrating his victory at ringside.
  • Taylor Adams w/ Beatrice Priestley def. Joel Clementson
    With Beatrice distracting the referee, Adams wrapped a resistance band around Clementson’s neck and dragged him to the mat with a modified neckbreaker. Adams then covered Clementson to score a tainted win in this battle of the Southern men.
  • Undisputed IPW Women’s Championship, Falls Count Anywhere:
    Britenay (c) def. Evie (c)

    Britenay and Evie fought all over the Lynfield Recreation Centre in their quest to become Undisputed IPW Women’s Champion. Britenay powerbombed Evie against a wall for a near fall at one stage of the bout, and ultimately put her rival away with an Extreme Makeover back in the ring.
  • IPW Championship:
    Fury (c) def. Travis Banks

    Banks and Fury hammered each other with everything they had, and kicked out of everything their opponent brought to the table as well. Eventually Fury would go into desperation mode and nail Banks with a low blow out of sight of the referee. With Banks immobilised, Fury followed up with a Machine Head variation to retain the IPW Championship.
  • Capture the Flag Match:
    The Investment (Aaron Henry, Curt Chaos, Fury, Jakob Cross, Pat Schisk & Vinny Dunn) def. The Origin (Alexander, Alfred Valentine, James Shaw, Lil T, Pirate Burns & TK Cooper)

    Pirate Burns turned his back on The Origin and knocked Alfred Valentine out of the ring with a flag before moving the flag back to the Investment’s corner and handing IPW Director Daniel Burnell’s side their biggest victory to date.