Schisk wins Armageddon Cup, Duggan wins tag bout

With victories over Joel Clementson, Brook Duncan, and Curt Chaos, Pat Schisk has cemented himself as the next challenger to Fury’s IPW Championship.

Schisk won the Armageddon Cup—and the right to challenge Fury at IPW’s next event, Last Chance—this past Sunday.

Moments after Schisk’s Armageddon Cup win, WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan made his New Zealand debut in tag team action, pairing up with Travis Banks to take on The Investment’s Aaron Henry and IPW Champion Fury.

Banks and Henry met in the quarter final stages of the Armageddon Cup Tournament, but their match was thrown out and registered as a no contest after Fury interfered to join his stablemate in beating Banks down – and keeping Banks from earning another shot at the title Fury stole from him him at Trial By Combat.

The Investment fled the ring when they heard the opening bars of Duggan’s entrance music and the WWE Hall of Famer stormed to the ring with 2×4 in hand, having seen enough of the attack.

Duggan then grabbed a microphone to call out The Investment, challenging Fury and Henry to meet him and Banks in tag team action the following day.

With the match set, all four men took to the ring in the second Sunday session to do battle for pride.

Banks started things off with Henry in a rematch of the previous day’s bout, and soon fell victim to The Investment’s tags, and Daniel Burnell on the outside of the ring using everything he could—like his own shoe—as a weapon to take out Banks behind the referee’s back.

Banks was ultimately able to make the tag to Duggan, who stormed into the ring and adopted his three-point stance before flooring Fury and Henry with massive clotheslines to pick up the victory in his New Zealand debut.

IPW @ Armageddon Results:

Saturday, October 25:

  • Armageddon Cup Tournament Quarter Final:
    Pat Schisk def. Joel Clementson
  • Armageddon Cup Tournament Quarter Final:
    Brook Duncan def. Elias
  • Alfred Valentine def. Taylor Adams
  • IPW Championship:
    Fury (c) w/ Daniel Burnell def. Lil T w/ TK Cooper
  • Armageddon Cup Tournament Quarter Final:
    No Contest: Aaron Henry vs. Travis Banks
  • Armageddon Cup Tournament Quarter Final:
    Curt Chaos def. Johnny Idol
  • Britenay w/ Carmen Rose def. Megan-Kate w/ Evie via disqualification
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    TnT (c) def. Khan & Taylor Adams
  • Joel Clementson w/ Daniel Burnell & Shanella def. Alfred Valentine via count-out
  • Carmen Rose, Elias, Pat Schisk & Travis Banks def. Aaron Henry, Curt Chaos, Evie & Fury w/ Daniel Burnell & Megan-Kate

Sunday, October 26:

  • Armageddon Cup Semi-Final:
    Pat Schisk def. Brook Duncan
  • Armageddon Cup:
    Pat Schisk def. Curt Chaos
  • “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Travis Banks def. Aaron Henry & Fury w/ Daniel Burnell
  • Carmen Rose, TK Cooper & Travis Banks def. The Pride

Monday, October 27:

  • Jakob Cross def. Mason Daniels
  • Alfred Valentine def. Brook Duncan
  • IPW Championship:
    Fury (c) def. Johnny Idol
  • Armageddon Rumble:
    Johnny Idol eliminated Barry Burrito to win
  • Mason Daniels def. Brook Duncan
  • The Pride w/ Ligress def. Johnny Idol & Travis Banks
  • Britenay & Pat Schisk def. Team Kick (Evie & Fury)
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    Britenay def. Megan-Kate via disqualification
  • Johnny Idol, TK Cooper & Travis Banks def. Brook Duncan, Jakob Cross & Liger