Three men, one opportunity at IPW NBX

Three men with three opposing goals have just one match and one chance to accomplish them tonight at IPW Nightmare B4 Xmas.

Jakob Cross faces James Shaw with the winner qualifying to take on Travis Banks in Fans Bring the Weapons, the signature match at IPW’s biggest event of the year.

For Banks—the only confirmed entrant in the match—Fans Bring the Weapons is a chance to establish himself at the top of the IPW roster and as next in line for an IPW Championship match.

“Friend or foe, it doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “You bring me the weapons and I’ll bring you the victory.”

For Jakob Cross, Nightmare B4 Xmas is a chance to impress Daniel Burnell and do the Investment leader’s bidding for him by taking out both Shaw and Banks.

“Daniel Burnell has told me to do one thing and one thing only,” he warned his opponents, “burn you.”

Now without Agents of Change partner Aaron Henry by his side, tonight is also a chance for Cross to truly establish himself as a singles competitor and the “monster” he claims to be.

As for Shaw, his Nightmare B4 Xmas is all about redemption and a return to form.

After being sidelined for much of the second half of the year with two separate knee injuries, a win over Cross and another over his Ultimate Match opponent, Banks, in Fans Bring the Weapons would reestablish Shaw as a dominant force in the IPW locker room.

Shaw did express some concerns about testing his recently rehabilitated knees with all manner of crowd-sourced weapons though.

“That’ll hurt like heck won’t it? Ah, it’ll be alright. I just won’t walk for the next couple of months.”

IPW Nightmare B4 Xmas takes place tonight, December 20, at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall in Auckland.

IPW Nightmare B4 Xmas Card:

  • Fans Bring the Weapons Match:
    Travis Banks vs. ???
  • Fans Bring the Weapons Qualifying Match:
    Jakob Cross w/ Daniel Burnell vs. James Shaw w/ Dion McCracken
  • IPW Tag Team Championship Eliminator:
    TnT (c) vs. Elias & Pat Schisk vs. Mauler Clementson & Mr Burns vs. The Pride vs. ???
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    Britenay (c) vs. Ligress
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match:
    BFF (Evie & Megan-Kate) vs. Carmen Rose