Shaw wins IPW Championship, ends Investment

AND NEW: James Shaw captures his first IPW Championship in a triple threat bout involving Fury and Jakob Cross at The Rush for Gold. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

AND NEW: James Shaw captured his first IPW Championship in a triple threat bout involving Fury and Jakob Cross at The Rush for Gold. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

James Shaw has ended Fury’s nine-month reign with the IPW Championship and forced The Investment to disband in the process.

Shaw overcame both Fury and Jakob Cross in a triple threat main event at IPW The Rush for Gold this past weekend.

It appeared Shaw would be in for an uphill battle against both Cross and Fury, especially with the caveat that his career with Impact Pro Wrestling—and those of The Origin—would be over if he lost. (The stipulation had been agreed upon by Alfred Valentine and Daniel Burnell in exchange for The Investment also putting their fate as a unit on the line.)

The lure of championship gold would prove too much for Cross and Fury’s alliance to bear and, surprisingly, it was Fury and Shaw who worked together work together to subdue Cross, throwing the monster from the entrance ramp and barricading him behind a set of stairs before returning to the ring.

Once back between the ropes, Fury and Shaw squared off as they had at Year of Conflict in January, only this time there would be a decisive result to their battle.

Shaw dug deep into his arsenal to produce a blinding green mist which he spewed into Fury’s face.

The IPW Champion grabbed at his eyes and was unable to counter as Shaw moved in for the DVD that brought an end to Fury’s nine-month reign with the title.

An emotional Shaw thanked The Origin–who remain on the IPW roster, while The Investment are forced to disband–his father, and the IPW audience after his win.

“You guys are the only reason I got this,” Shaw elaborated on Facebook. “Without your support I wouldn’t be able to live my dream.”

Fury was not the only titleholder to lose his belt at The Rush for Gold. The Pride annihilated TnT in a two-out-of-three falls match to claim the IPW Tag Team Championship.

Liger employed a risky strategy early into the match when he clobbered TK Cooper with his trademark kilikiti bat directly in front of the referee to lose the first fall via disqualification.

Cooper seemed unable to fully recover from the illegal blow though, and The Pride quickly regained the advantage, eventually claiming the next two falls to continue their unbeaten streak in Impact Pro Wrestling and take home the tag team titles.

Britenay retained the IPW Women’s Championship against Megan-Kate when the match reached a premature ending thanks to interference from Ligress.

The referee waved off the contest as Ligress attacked Britenay, who turned the tables when she snatched Ligress’ mask and forced her attacker to hastily retreat before her face was exposed.

IPW The Rush for Gold Card:

  • The Jukebox Heroes (Elias & Pat Schisk) def. Brook Duncan & Dave O’Connor
  • Brodie Coast def. Mr Burns w/ Mauler Clementson
  • Curt Chaos w/ Daniel Burnell def. Taylor Adams
  • IPW Tag Team Championship, 2-out-of-3 Falls Match:
    The Pride def. TnT (c)
  • Johnny Idol def. Travis Banks
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    No contest: Britenay (c) vs. Megan-Kate w/ Evie
  • IPW Championship:
    James Shaw def. Fury (c) and Jakob Cross