Founder Dion McCracken leaves NZPWI

After more than 16 years as the website’s owner, Dion McCracken has announced his departure from NZPWI.

McCracken founded NZPWI in 1999 with intent to increase the profile of pro-wrestling in New Zealand, and be the voice of New Zealand pro-wrestling fans.

Under McCracken’s leadership, NZPWI has secured interviews with some of pro-wrestling’s biggest names, and served in consultation roles with WWE and its Australasian promoters for the company’s New Zealand tours.

“I’m proud of what we accomplished with NZPWI,” McCracken said. “Building relationships with promotions locally and internationally along with television networks and other associated companies is something I’m particularly proud of.

“I think I’m most proud of hearing from workers in the NZ scene who credit NZPWI for putting them in contact with wrestling schools. And hearing them tell me that words of encouragement I gave them as teens motivated them – and now I see them as mainstays of the scene and the future of the business in New Zealand. That’s a very cool feeling.”

McCracken will remain active in the pro-wrestling industry, continuing his involvement with Auckland’s Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) and his role in promoting WWE in New Zealand with Ringside Consulting.

NZPWI Editor David Dunn will take over from McCracken as the website’s owner.

“NZPWI is in very good hands with David who has essentially run the site for the past five years,” McCracken said. “I know there are some exciting things for NZPWI to come!”