IPW: Duncan outlasts 19 to win 2016 Eliminator

VICTORIOUS: Brook Duncan is awarded the 2016 Eliminator Contract, guaranteeing him an IPW Championship match. PHOTO: Three Count Productions/Impact Pro Wrestling

VICTORIOUS: Brook Duncan is awarded the 2016 Eliminator Contract, guaranteeing him an IPW Championship match. PHOTO: Three Count Productions/Impact Pro Wrestling

Brook Duncan sent fans home happy at IPW Genesis this past weekend.

Duncan eked out a win over Shane Sinclair to claim victory in the 2016 Eliminator. As a result, he has earned an IPW Championship match at the time and place of his choosing.

With former winners Dal Knox and Liam Fury—and surprise entrants Daddy Kool, Lil T, and Paul Sayers—eliminated from the match, Duncan took on Sinclair under traditional one-on-one rules.

Duncan found himself trapped in Sinclair’s heel hook after a back-and-forth battle. Luckily for the flamboyant fan favourite, he was able to break free and catch Sinclair with a roll-up for a near fall.

Duncan hit the ropes and rebounded with a pendulum lariat for Sinclair, followed by the Sax Factor.

He then shot off the second rope with a Saxy Splash which Sinclair evaded, leaving Duncan to crash to the mat.

Sinclair hauled Duncan back to his feet and looked set to deliver one of his devastating suplexes. The Sax Man countered and caught Sinclair by surprise with a Sax Drive before covering him for the win.

Duncan grabbed a microphone after his victory to address IPW Champion Curt Chaos, who had been watching the Eliminator from the commentary table.

“I fought hard for this and I’ll fight 10 times as hard for that,” Duncan told Chaos, pointing to the IPW Championship. “Because I’m a real player, no games.”

Past Eliminator winners have often used the element of surprise to their advantage. However, Duncan appeared to let everyone know when he would be claiming his title bout.

The Sax Man told the Genesis audience he would likely invoke his Eliminator Contract at IPW’s biggest event of the year, Nightmare Before Xmas, whether Chaos still held the title or not.

IPW Genesis Results:

  • Hustla def. Taylor Adams
    Adams took a swing at Hustla with his signature golf club but the Cantabrian caught Adams with a roll-up to pick up the win in his IPW debut.
  • Frankie Quinn def. Megan-Kate via disqualification
    Britenay left the commentary table to save Frankie Quinn from Megan-Kate’s baseball bat. However, a miscalculation meant the women’s champ ended up drilling Frankie with the Britenay Spear instead of Megan-Kate.
  • Brodie Coast w/ Mason Daniels def. Curtis Castlewood w/ Charlie Roberts
    Daniels neutralised Roberts on the outside while Coast scaled the top rope and finished Castlewood with a 450 Splash.
  • Mr Burns def. Liam Fury
    Mr Burns stole a victory in what was expected to be Fury’s final match, pinning his former tag team partner with his feet on the middle rope for leverage. Fury, unaware, offered his hand to Burns after the match. Burns responded with a low-blow, and instigated a four-on-one assault from the Young Nats.
  • IPW Championship:
    Reuben de Jong def. Curt Chaos (c) w/ Miss Rivers via count-out

    Chaos appeared to be seriously hurt after being thrown from the ring by de Jong and was counted out. Chaos sprang back to his feet the moment the match was over, showing any sign of injury had been a rouse. Brook Duncan stopped Chaos from leaving the ringside area and rolled the champ into the ring for a massive chokeslam from de Jong.
  • 2016 Eliminator:
    Brook Duncan eliminated Shane Sinclair to win

    Duncan and Sinclair, the final two competitors, went hold-for-hold and move-for-move until Duncan connected with the Sax Drive.