TnT reclaim tag titles at New Heights

NEW HEIGHTS: TnT finally got the better of the Agents of Change at Saturday's live event. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

NEW HEIGHTS: TnT finally got the better of the Agents of Change in yesterday’s ladder match. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

TnT survived an all-out war with the Agents of Change to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions at New Heights.

The rivalry between both teams became tied up in The Investment’s feud with The Origin, and chaos ensued late in the main event when The Investment flooded the ring.

Alexander and Alfred Valentine made their way through the crowd to remove TnT’s attackers though, scaling the match back to just the core four men involved.

All four had battle scars by the end of the ladder match – both Jakob Cross and Lil T bled from the head while TK Cooper’s chest had been ripped open by a ladder – but TnT were able to fight through the pain and knock Cross from the top of a ladder to unhook the IPW tag team belts and win back the titles they have been chasing since December.

The Origin helped the new tag team titleholders to their feet and presented Lil T and TK Cooper with maroon track jackets, seeming to induct the new champs into their faction.

Travis Banks demanded his non-title bout with Curt Chaos be made into a title match, and also sought an endorsement from IPW Director Daniel Burnell.

Banks offered to put his belt on the line in exchange for a handshake from Burnell, The Investment’s leader, and also asked Burnell admit he was a worthy champion should he be able to win.

The Investment all stepped in to assault Banks before the match had officially started and weakened the champ’s back – evident later in the match when Banks couldn’t lift Chaos for a fisherman brainbuster.

Resilient as ever, Banks found another way to win and made Chaos submit to the Lion Clutch.

Burnell would not honour his part of the deal after the bout though, and The Investment again attacked Banks. Burnell then announced Banks will defend his IPW Championship against Curt Chaos at July’s Escalation event, with The Investment surrounding the ring as lumberjacks.

IPW New Heights Results:

  • Double Disqualification: Alfred Valentine vs. Vinny Dunn
  • James Shaw def. Taylor Adams w/ Beatrice Priestley
  • The Pride def. Johnny Idol & Mason Daniels
  • Liam Fury def. Pat Schisk
  • Interim IPW Women’s Championship:
    No Contest: Britenay (c) vs. Carmen Rose
  • IPW Championship:
    Travis Banks (c) def. Curt Chaos w/ The Investment
  • IPW Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match:
    TnT def. The Agents of Change (c)