Fury beats Banks at September Selection

Fury remains IPW Champion after defeating Travis Banks, two falls to one, in a September Street Fight at Saturday’s September Selection event.

September Selection host Dion McCracken tried to get a clear answer from the fans in attendance as to what match they wanted to see, but was unable to due to both stipulations being met with loud audience reactions. The only option McCracken could come up with was to make this, the second match between Travis Banks and IPW Champion Fury, a two-out-of-three falls September Street Fight.

As both men made their way to the ring it was clear that the fans were happy with this decision and that they were firmly behind the former champion.

To start the match both men got in each other’s faces and shoved one another until Fury slapped Banks in the face which was met with a slap from Banks.

Things then turned into an all-out brawl with the action spilling from the ring to the outside, with both men trading hard chops and kicks before Banks sent Fury over the railing and into the crowd. Banks grabbed Fury whilst amongst the crowd and sent him flying into the fans’ seats and down to the floor. Fury was back to his feet, but before he could catch his breath he was kicked back over the railing and to the floor around ringside. Banks then attempted a suicide dive which was met with a chair shot from Fury. This would score the first fall of the match for Fury.

Fury continued to assault Banks with the chair until Banks was sent to the outside where he was met by IPW Director Daniel Burnell and his size 9.5 shoe. After a beating at the hands, and shoe, of Burnell, Banks was sent back into the ring where he was placed onto the top rope. Before Fury could take advantage, a huge slap staggered Fury giving Banks a chance to hit a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere, gaining a three-count to tie things up at one fall apiece.

Both men would trade big moves until Fury was able to hit his version of the Machine Head, but it was not enough to get the three-count. Burnell then ordered Fury to go for the Shooting Star Press to put Banks away.

Obliging, Fury climbed to the top rope and went for the Shooting Star Press, but at the last second, Banks was able to get up and catch Fury in an cutter. Burnell then dove into the ring to stop Banks’ pin attempt short of three. Fury rolled to the outside and Banks grabbed a hold of Burnell, sending him into the corner and hitting him with a cannonball senton.

Once Banks returned back to his feet, he got rocked by a brutal chair shot to the face. Fury lifted Banks back to his feet again and proceeded to drop the challenger on his head with a Machine Head to score the deciding pinfall, win the match and retain his title.

After the match, Dion McCracken returned to the stage to announce that as Alfred Valentine won his match earlier in the evening, he had become the new number one contender to Fury’s IPW Championship.

Earlier in the night there was a shake-up in The Investment’s line up when Pat Schisk was kicked out and beaten down by the group. Elias and Joel Clementson came to the aid of Pat after the beating, helping him to his feet.

Later in the night, after winning his match against Investment hopeful Taylor Adams, Schisk was attacked by Burns and, once again, Elias and Joel Clementson made the save and helped him to his feet. Before Pat could return to the back he was attacked again, this time by the newest member of the investment, Joel Clementson.

IPW September Selection Results:

  • Britenay def. Brook Duncan [Special Referee: Megan Kate]
    After Brook Duncan hit an ineffective low blow on Britenay, she was able to roll up Duncan and get the victory.
  • Khan def. Johnny Idol via count-out
    Khan gained the win by count out after reversing an Irish whip which sent Johnny Idol into the ring post.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    TnT (c) def. Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn and The Pride

    By the orders of Daniel Burnell this match was made a triple threat tag team match and the team of Vinny Dunn and Curt Chaos was added. Dunn and Chaos were unable to get on the same page and Dunn was pinned by a Superkick and crucifix pin combination from TnT, seeing them retain.
  • Pat Schisk def. Taylor Adams
    Taylor Adams used his resistance bands behind the referee’s back to get the upper hand but Schisk used his running kneelift to get the win.
  • Alfred Valentine def. Jakob Cross w/ Aaron Henry
    Because Aaron Henry had been tearing it up in the freestyle wrestling competitions, Burnell gave him the night off. Cross jumped Valentine at the bell and used underhanded tactics throughout the match, even distracting the referee allowing Henry to get in on the action. In the end, Valentine was able to bring it back and hit a 450 splash to win.
  • IPW Championship, September Street Fight, 2-out-of-3 Falls:
    Fury (c) def. Travis Banks

    Thanks to September Selection host Dion McCracken, the top two stipulations were combined for the championship match. Fury won the first fall with a chair shot on a diving Travis Banks. Banks won the second fall following a Canadian Destroyer. Fury then won the final fall and the match with a Machine Head.