The Machine impresses crowd at WCWA Major Impact 3

IPW’s own The Machine impressed the Australian crowds at WCWA Major Impact, which took place this past weekend on the Gold Coast.

The Machine, who was originally scheduled to take on “Heartless” Alfred Valentine before an injury saw HAV unable to complete, met fellow New Zealander Dallas Mead in what was touted as the match of the night.

Dallas gained control quickly after he gouged The Machine’s eyes, and hit him with a powerful spear, and proceeded to batter The Machine with a series of power moves, including a very impressive Gorilla Press, showing off his incredible strength, and a high vertical suplex.

Machine came back with a suplex of his own, and the Machine Head, before attempting to take Dallas out into the audience. Dallas was able to avoid the attack and whipped Machine across the ring apron into the steel of the ring posts, sending Machine down to the ground.
Machine reversed a whip to the steel guard rail and sent Dallas flying into the steel so hard he bent it. Machine then asked two fans at ringside to hold Dallas by the arms while he chopped the former NZ Warrior.

Machine missed a elbow off the apron, and after getting back to the apron was given a Diamond Cutter, over the ropes and back into the ring.

Dallas attempted to put The Machine on his back for his Kiwi Crush, but Machine managed to slip down and lifted Dallas up for a flapjack.
Machine then set up chairs and attempted a Machine Head, but Dallas reversed it to an Alabama Slam.

Dallas picked The Machine up, and hit his Kiwi Crush, and then leapt off the top rope, over the referee, for a huge elbow and pinned The Machine for the victory.

“It was a awesome experience, and I really appreciate Troy and Peter Ball giving me the opportunity to wrestle in front of the Australian audience,” The Machine told NZPWI.

“The word backstage was that the show sold out.

“The people I met were all very professional, and the backstage attitude was a great feeling to be a part of, people knew their job and they did it, there was no one annoyed at anyone else for any reason.

“Entering the ring was a real experience, with dancing girls up on the stage, and not being able to see anything except the lighting reflecting off all the smoke, then, as you walk forward the smoke parts and you start seeing the crowd.

“Dallas Mead is one scarily strong guy who I would love to wrestle again. Maybe we can get him over here for a match sometime.”

NZPWI hopes to post pictures of the match as soon as they are available. The event will be made available on DVD within the coming weeks. Look for details of that title in the near future.

Fellow Kiwi “Super Coach” Jas the Ace said that the match was a certain “match of the night” contender.