WWE tour ticketing information available soon

NZPWI has been inundated with requests for ticketing information and ticket reservations for the upcoming WWE SmackDown Road to WrestleMania 22 Tour.

We are able to release the following information at this stage:

  • public on sale of tickets for the show is Monday, November 7
  • the “pre-sale” of tickets will begin on Thursday, November 3
  • information regarding an exclusive “pre pre-sale” of tickets for NZPWI visitors will be available here shortly. This on sale date will be well before the November 3 “pre-sale”
  • you do not need to register for eligibility for the “pre pre-sale”, it is open to ALL NZPWI visitors, with details to be published on the site beforehand
  • tickets can NOT be reserved through NZPWI
  • full ticketing information with pre-sale dates and other information is expected to be released within the next few days

No other information is available for public release at this stage and all information will be published on NZPWI first, the moment it is cleared for public release.