WWE Diva Sharmell interviewed on The Rock FM

Nick Trott and Roger Farrelly of The Rock FM spoke to WWE Diva Sharmell on The Morning Rumble this morning.

The wife and valet of Booker T spoke of her career progression from being a backup dancer for James Brown through to performing in WCW as Paisley and now being where she is today as the guiding force behind the “five-time WCW Champion Bookerrrrrrrrrr T.”

When asked who it was that wore the pants at home, Sharmell cheerfully replied that while Booker T calls the shots at home, she’s the boss at work. Sharmell affirmed that she’s not afraid of getting involved with the men, making reference to her scuffles with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, but did say that if she were to mix it up with the SmackDown Divas on the Road to WrestleMania 22 tour, she would be the clear winner because she wears the crown.

With that, host Roger Farrelly asked Sharmell what her finishing move is. Sharmell said that she’d call her new finisher the “Crown Jewels”, which prompted co-host Nick Trott asked her if it had anything to do with testicles.

“Hey, that’s a good idea!”

Sharmell will be appearing with Booker T in Wellington on March 4 as part of the WWE SmackDown Road to WrestleMania 22 tour.