SCW: Stevens retains at Brawl in the Hall

“Lethal” Lazza Stevens held on to his SCW Championship at Brawl in the Hall with a win over Christchurch’s Matt Mackay.

Mackay’s significant size and strength advantage put Stevens in trouble as the match began, but the champion’s experience and technique proved to be the deciding factor when he was ultimately able to submit Mackay and retain his title.

Stevens’ next title defence will be somewhat harder though, thanks to “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn defeating Sammy V to become the number one contender to “Lethal” Lazza’s belt.

Also at Brawl in the Hall, NZWPW He Toa Cup Champion Jakob Cross avenged his loss to D-Mack when he took down the young upstart with two British Buzzsaw kicks.

SCW Brawl in the Hall Results:

  • Triple H def. Kalum Fury and Nathan Kizanan
  • Kauri Walker def. Michael Winner
  • “Shining” Nick Silver def. Reece Breeg
  • Krash def. Shane Ryan
  • Jakob Cross def. D-Mack
  • Lolli Lane def. Peyote
  • Chad Howard def. Osiris
  • #1 Contender’s Match to the SCW Championship:
    “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn def. Sammy V
  • SCW Championship:
    “Lethal” Lazza Stevens (c) def. Matt Mackay