SCW: Sammy V still number one contender

130708_morganSammy V is next in line for a shot at the SCW Championship after turning back a challenge to his spot as number one contender from Kade Morgan.

The third-generation wrestler brought the fight to Sammy V in the main event of Marlborough Meltdown, bending the rules to take control in the early stages of the match.

Morgan knocked Sammy V’s legs out from under him when the Human Forklift took to the top rope – leading to an uncomfortable landing over the top turnbuckle.

Morgan then used a springboard dropkick to bring Sammy V back to the canvas, where he kept him grounded with a chinlock.

Morgan strung Sammy V up on the top rope a second time but knocked him to the outside where the two took part in a chop battle.

Back in the ring, Morgan attempted his gourdbuster signature move only to be countered by Sammy V, leaving both men down on the mat.

After struggling back to their feet, Sammy V hoisted Morgan onto his shoulders and spun him around for a jaw-jacker, before charging into the dazed Morgan with a spear for the win.

Sammy V’s victory puts him next in line for a shot at the SCW Championship, currently held by “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn.

The National Young Lions Tournament ended in controversy when Hayden Thiele and Jade Priest attacked semi-final winners Kauri Walker and Michael Winner before their match could begin.

Team NZWPW then challenged their SCW counterparts to a tag team bout instead of the scheduled tournament final.

Priest took out Winner with a Codebreaker but was knocked from the ring by an enzuigiri from Walker.

Thiele then rushed toward Walker and dropped him with a neckbreaker variation to earn the win for him and Priest and avenge their losses earlier in the night.

130708_idolJohnny Idol retained the NZWPW Championship in triple threat action, overcoming both D-Mack and Blenheim local Taylor Adams.

Adams looked poised to win the match when he drilled D-Mack to the mat with a spinebuster but Idol brought the NZWPW Championship belt to the ring – taking advantage of the no disqualification stipulation in play – and knocked Adams out with a shot to the head.

Idol then covered the hometown hero to pick up the win, to the dismay of the crowd.

After the match, JPE – who retained her status at Queen of the South with a win over Scarlett earlier in the night – blindsided D-Mack’s manager Amy St Clere before being chased from the ring by D-Mack.

Joey Kinkade and “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers fought all over the Redwoodtown School Hall in a wild, bloody brawl.

Both men brawled their way into the crowd moments after the match began, leaving a trail of turned over chairs in their wake.

Sayers was busted open when Kinkade back-dropped him over the security barricade and onto a chair. Kinkade then tossed Sayers through a row of empty seats before bringing his bloody opponent back to the ring.

Kinkade worked over Sayers’ knee, looking to lock in a Stretch Muffler.

Sayers would cause more damage to himself than Kinkade could when he missed a top-rope double-stomp though, jarring his knee and leaving it vulnerable for Kinkade’s Stretch Muffler and a submission victory.

Kinkade continued to apply the gold even after the bell had sounded, and “That Young Warrior” had to be helped to the back after the bout.

SCW Marlborough Meltdown Results:

  • National Young Lions Tournament Semi-Final:
    Kauri Walker def. Hayden Thiele
  • National Young Lions Tournament Semi-Final:
    Michael Winner def. Jade Priest
  • Queen of the South:
    JPE def. Scarlett
  • Hayden Thiele & Jade Priest def. Kauri Walker & Michael Winner
  • NZWPW Championship:
    Johnny Idol (c) def. D-Mack w/ Amy St Clere and Taylor Adams
  • Joey Kinkade def. “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers
  • #1 Contender’s Match for the SCW Championship:
    Sammy V def. Kade Morgan