Diamond and Whetu’s first title defence tomorrow

Jade Diamond and Whetu defend their Pacific Pro Wrestling tag team titles for the first time tomorrow night, taking on Australian standouts Mark Davis and Ryan Eagles in Queensland.

Although this match is just their first title defence, the expat New Zealanders have tagged together for years and were perennial contenders for the KPW Tag Team Championships in their time with the promotion.

Both men have also been singles champions – Diamond held the AWA Championship for much for this year, while Whetu claimed the KPW title at Halloween Howl VI at the end of 2012.

Mark Davis and Ryan Eagles were victorious as part of a six-man tag team bout for PWA last weekend, defeating IPW Champion “The One” Vinny Dunn’s team, and will look to continue their momentum to win their first tag team title at PPW Showdown tomorrow.

Also on the card for Showdown, New Zealand-born Storm challenges Kellie Skater for the Pacific Women’s Championship.

Skater is set to begin a tour of Japan at the end of the year, so Storm has been hotshotted into title contention by PPW management in an attempt to keep the title in Queensland.