Howard and Sayers still even after Brooklyn Brawl

The rivalry between NZWPW Tag Team Champions Chad Howard and “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers raged on at tonight’s Brooklyn Brawl event.

Both men had the opportunity to select each other’s opponents, with Howard picking KPW Champion Shane Sinclair to take on Sayers.

Sinclair made “That Young Warrior” tap out to a heel hook, pleasing Howard, but Sayers announced his reluctant partner would be forced to take on NZWPW Champion Ben Mana.

As was to be expected, Mana defeated Howard, leaving neither Howard nor Sayers successful in their matches.

NZWPW officials had been left without a main event when “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn, scheduled to take on Shane Sinclair, was unable to appear. This, coupled with Howard and Sayers’ desire for a victory, led to NZWPW CWO Rehua making a huge six-man tag team bout.

Kade Morgan and Taylor Adams, fresh off a victory over Aucklanders Hotaru and Kingston Eclipse earlier in the night, joined Sayers to clash with Howard, Sinclair, and Mikey.

Howard and Mikey had been able to beat Adams and Sayers at Bringing Down the House late last month but this time it was Sayers’ team who would get the win.

Sayers is now 1-1 in tag team bouts against Howard, leaving the question as to who is the better tag team wrestler still anything but decided.

NZWPW Brooklyn Brawl Results:

  • Hayden Thiele & Jade Priest def. The Circus of Tragedy and El Condor & Kauri Walker
  • ”The Shooter” Shane Sinclair def. “That Young Warrior” Paul Sayers
  • Ben Mana def. Chad Howard
  • Kade Morgan & Taylor Adams def. Hotaru & Kingston Eclipse
  • KPW Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) def. JPE and Misty
  • D-Hoya def. Bryant
  • Kade Morgan, Paul Sayers & Taylor Adams def. Chad Howard, Mikey & Shane Sinclair