Rufguts and Sinclair meet non-title tonight

KPW Champion “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair and SCW Champion “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn are on a collision course set to culminate tonight in Wellington.

The two will headline NZWPW’s Brooklyn Brawl event in a non-title bout.

The match comes about after Rufguts interfered in Sinclair’s match at Bringing Down the House: Beatdown last month, but issues between the two can be traced back to a scheduled triple threat also featuring NZWPW Champion Ben Mana at KPW Halloween Howl 7 last year.

“If you wanted a match with me all you had to do is ask,” Sinclair told Rufguts shortly after Bringing Down the House.

“If you want to attack me from behind in the middle of a match when I’m defenceless there’s a price to pay, Rufguts … you said ‘How do you like your steak, Shane? I like my steak bloody.’ Well you know, and now the fans know, I don’t eat steak, I don’t eat meat, I don’t agree with that, but there is one thing I do like a little bloody. It’s your face, Rufguts, and this Friday in Brooklyn I’m going to make it just the way I like it.”

Has Rufguts gotten inside Sinclair’s head with his post-match attack, or will the KPW Champion give Rufguts a taste of what he had to endure tonight?

Also at Brooklyn Brawl, Chad Howard and Paul Sayers will select each other’s opponents, as the NZWPW tag team titleholders continue to feud over who the strongest member of the team really is.

NZWPW Brooklyn Brawl takes place tonight, April 11, at Vogelmorn Hall, 13 Vennell St, Brooklyn. Tickets are available on the door ($15 adults, $10 children). The card, subject to change, is listed below.

NZWPW Brooklyn Brawl Card:

  • ”Rufguts” Roddy Gunn vs. “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair
  • Paul Sayers vs. ???
  • Chad Howard vs. ???
  • Hotaru & Kingston Eclipse vs. Kade Morgan & Taylor Adams
  • KPW Women’s Championship:
    Scarlett (c) vs. JPE vs. Misty
  • Bryant vs. D-Hoya
  • Axl & Osiris vs. El Condor & Kauri Walker vs. Jade Priest & Hayden Thiele