Jakob Cross wins Armageddon Cup

140525_crossJakob Cross claimed the Armageddon Cup in Hamilton this past weekend, defeating James Shaw in Saturday’s tournament final.

Shaw ensured there would be a new Armageddon Cup Champion when he pinned Curt Chaos in the semi-final stage of the tournament, even with his signature DVD banned by IPW Director Daniel Burnell.

The Investment were determined to make sure one of their members left with the cup, and rallied around Cross in the last match of the tournament, running interference to distract Shaw as best they could.

Cross tried to use the ring bell to finish Shaw while Curt Chaos held him in place, but Shaw broke free of Chaos’ grasp and watched as Cross blasted his team-mate.

Shaw then dropped Cross with an enzuigiri and leapt from the ring with a suicide dive onto Pat Schisk.

The momentary lapse in focus allowed Jakob Cross to take control though, using a combination of the STO, British Buzzsaw, and a spinning side slam to finish Shaw and win the Armageddon Cup.

Cross was not as fortunate the following day when Mason Daniels eliminated him to take out the Armageddon Rumble, shocking the IPW locker-room and Hamilton fans in attendance.

Also at Armageddon, James Shaw bested Brook Duncan in an Extreme Makeover match, in which the loser was forced to wear make-up.

Duncan challenged Shaw to the bout as a measure of revenge for losing a “Kiss My Foot” contest to him at Auckland Armageddon last year.

Unfortunately for him, Duncan was embarrassed again when Shaw pinned him following a DVD, and Britenay and Carmen Rose gave him a makeover complete with lipstick, eye-liner and mascara.