The Wolves talk TNA, team origins, childhood influences, hair-dye, more

140517_wolvesTNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, took part in a conference call last week to promote the One Night Only: Joker’s Wild 2 pay-per-view event. The Wolves face a reunited Beer Money, Bobby Roode and James Storm, with the winning team advancing to a battle royal with $100,000 up for grabs.

Edwards on the differences between ROH, TNA, and WWE NXT:NXT wasn’t really a long thing, it was kind of in-and-out there, so it’s hard to compare anything. We were there for just a week and one taping, so we can’t compare those. Ring of Honor, schedule-wise and style-wise, it’s a whole different ball game here. We’re on the road a lot more, we’re working on the TV shows all the time, whereas Ring of Honor it was just a couple of times a month or a few times a month. We’re in the ring a lot more [in TNA] and we’re on TV a lot, so that’s been a good thing.”

Richards on tag teams in TNA: “We’re at a genesis, no pun intended, we’re at a starting over period. I understand a lot of people have been down about the amount of tag teams in TNA, but I can tell you that that’s being remedied as we speak. The tag team scene is really, really getting ready to pick up. And we’re just really happy to be at the forefront of it.”

Richards on tag team wrestling today: “There’s not a lot of real tag teams any more, there’s not a lot of Hart Foundations or Brainbusters out there. That’s why me and Eddie have always stood out, as while we’ve had singles success and single runs in other countries, in other companies, we’ve considered ourselves tag team wrestlers and a team first and foremost. That’s why we stand above the rest when it comes to tag team wrestling.”

Richards on how The Wolves began tagging together: “Eddie actually had to borrow a pair of my tights, he’d kinda forgot his. That’s it, and if the shoe fits wear it. We were in Japan, I can’t remember if we started talking then or talking before then, we just started talking about tights, kick-pads and knee pads, realised we had so much in common and just ran with it.”

Edwards on winning the TNA tag team titles at a live event: “I think the fact we won on a live event makes those events unique. People from the outside will want to go and be a part [of the event] because you never now what’s going to happen. Titles are changing hands and shenanigans ensue.”

Richards on his childhood influences: “I was really big Sid Vicious fan, I really like his work. He really had a major influence on me. Crush, I liked Crush. Just because he had such a powerful figure. I liked Zeus … I liked the bad guys, those were the guys that really inspired me. I liked The British Bulldogs, but those guys made me really just want to make a go at this wrestling thing.”

Richards on the reason he dyed his hair: “Eddie didn’t think that I could drink a whole glass of milk without throwing up, and I threw up everywhere. It was a big glass … I couldn’t do it. I don’t drink beer, so I drink milk … so I had to get my hair dyed not yellow or blonde, but ‘pee pee’ coloured, because I lost the bet.”