Escalation: The Origin help Banks overcome Chaos

With the Investment surrounding the ring it looked like there was no escape for Travis Banks, but the IPW Champion found a way to retain his title against Curt Chaos at Escalation this past Saturday.

Banks countered the Chaos Theory with a Lion Clutch and seemed seconds from scoring a submission win before The Agents of Change, Pat Schisk and Vinny Dunn stormed the ring to attack the champ.

The Origin were quick to follow – including new member Pirate Burns – and quickly removed Chaos’ stablemates from the title match.

As both groups brawled back to the locker-room area, Banks found himself alone with Chaos.

IPW Director Daniel Burnell had one last trick up his sleeve, and slid a folding chair into the ring for Chaos to use. Chaos picked it up and blasted Banks over the head, but even then couldn’t keep Banks’ shoulders down for a three-count.

Chaos looked to use the chair one more time but Banks rushed off the ropes and smashed the chair back into his challenger’s face with a roaring knee strike.

Banks followed up the his signature fisherman’s brainbuster for the victory, his third main event win over The Investment this year.

IPW Escalation Results:

  • Britenay & Liam Fury def. Brook Duncan & Olivia Shaw
  • Elias def. Pat Schisk
  • The Pride def. Johnny Idol & James Shaw
  • Carmen Rose def. Evie
  • Khan def. Joel Clementson
  • 3-on-2 Handicap Match:
    Double Disqualification: The Investment (Aaron Henry, Jakob Cross & Vinny Dunn) vs. The Origin (Alexander & Alfred Valentine)
  • IPW Championship, Lumberjack Match:
    Travis Banks (c) def. Curt Chaos