Kayne, Misty, and Quinn advance to women’s title match

Frankie Quinn, Krystal Kayne, and Misty have all qualified for a Hughes Academy Women’s Championship match following Saturday’s Live Pro Wrestling event.

The three women were involved in a four-way elimination match—also featuring the debuting Tabitha—which ended with all three pinning each other at the same time.

Originally scheduled for two eliminations, the match began with Misty in firm control.

Tabitha, the least experienced of the four, spent much of the match on the outside of the ring watching as the NZWPW veteran locked up with her Hughes Academy opponents.

Eventually Krystal and Misty found themselves on the outside of the ring with Tabitha, and Frankie Quinn climbed to the top turnbuckle for a high-risk moonsault out of the ring and on top of all three of her opponents.

Frankie returned Tabitha to the ring soon after, and pinned her with a DDT.

The match continued briefly before Krystal Kayne set Frankie Quinn up for a fisherman’s suplex.

Before she was able to execute the move, Misty grabbed Krystal from behind for a German suplex, and slammed her to the mat as Krystal took Frankie over with the fisherman’s suplex.

All three women had their shoulders down after the twin suplexes, and referee Chris Ferguson counted a triple pin, ruling the second stage of the match to be a draw.

As such, it was announced that Frankie Quinn, Krystal Kayne, and Misty would advance to next month’s Live Pro Wrestling event and compete for the Hughes Academy Women’s Championship in a triple threat on September 13.

Also at Saturday’s Live Pro Wrestling event, Hotaru won a 12-man battle royal to qualify for a round-robin tournament for the Hughes Academy Championship, which will also be held at the September 13 event.

With Charlie Roberts and Kauri Walker already announced for the upcoming tournament, Hotaru entered the staggered battle royal (participants entered the match at 90 second intervals) at number one, and went the distance to be one of the match’s final two competitors along with “Uncrowned Prince” Curtis Castlewood.

Hotaru made a risky move when he knocked Castlewood down and climbed to the top rope himself, but his strategy paid off as Hotaru dove onto Castlewood with a 450 Splash before picking him up and throwing him to the floor to win and claim his place in the four-man round-robin tournament.

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling Results:

  • Kauri Walker def. Jimmy Fox
  • Hayden Daniels def. Charlie Roberts
  • Graham Hughes’ Open Challenge, British Rules:
    “The Neo Viper” Kartik def. Graham Hughes
  • El Oro Maximo & Shadow Ninja def. Bull Addams & Stix
  • Hughes Academy Championship Qualifying 12-Man Battle Royal:
    Hotaru eliminated Curtis Castlewood to win
  • Hughes Academy Women’s Championship Qualifying Elimination Match:
    Frankie Quinn eliminated Tabitha; drew with Krystal Kayne and Misty