Battle Scars: Fury bests Valentine

VICTORIOUS: Fury retained the IPW Championship against Alfred Valentine in the Battle Scars main event. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

VICTORIOUS: Fury retained the IPW Championship against Alfred Valentine in the Battle Scars main event. PHOTO: Impact Pro Wrestling

Fury is still the IPW Champion after a hard-fought battle with Alfred Valentine this past Saturday.

Fury made his way to the ring for the Battle Scars main event accompanied by the leader of The Investment, Daniel Burnell, but Valentine was not alone as he had former IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken in his corner.

As the match began, Fury tried to get as much space from Valentine as he could by getting between the ropes and even rolling to the outside. It was clear that Fury wanted to dictate the pace of the match-up. The action finally began with both men locking up and powering each other around the ring, which ultimately broke down into both men trading shots at one another.

Valentine was able to take Fury off of his feet and, as soon as Fury’s back was against the mat, Valentine tried to put Fury into his signature hold, the Vordermann Crab. Valentine was unable to fully lock in the submission before Fury was able to kick him off.

Both men traded attempts to put the other into the Taupo Cray/Vordermann Crab but were both able to reverse out of the hold. Valentine was able to reverse it into a pinning situation but was only able to get a two count.

Once both men got back to their feet, Fury threw Valentine over his head with a German suplex and held his shoulders to the mat with a bridge, only to get a two count. Valentine was able to recover and knock Fury down, and he used this opportunity to go to the top rope and go for a moonsault, but Fury was able to roll out of the way.

Fury took this opportunity to ascend the top rope, but before he could take flight he was cut off with a shot to the head. Valentine took this chance to hit a massive superplex.

With both men on the ground, Daniel Burnell and Dion McCracken got into the ring and got in one another’s face. Burnell balled up his fist and hit the former commissioner.

Both Fury and Valentine staggered back to their feet and began to trade shot after shot with one another. After landing multiple shots in succession, Valentine had his opponent on the ground laying prone and in position for a 450 Splash. Valentine went for it but Fury rolled out of the way and got back to his feet just in time to be turned inside out by a lariat from Valentine who had landed on his feet after his 450.

From out of nowhere, Fury was able to lock Valentine into the Taupo Cray and really put the pressure on Valentine’s lower back, so much pressure that it had appeared that the challenger had passed out due to the pain.

The referee raised Valentine’s hand once and dropped it with no response. He raised it a second time, once again with no response from Valentine. But on the third and final attempt, Valentine was able to respond and with a last ditch effort attempt to break the hold. However, he was unable due to Fury now digging his knee into Valentine’s lower back. Due to the excruciating pain, Valentine had to tap out.

Prior to the main event, The Investment’s Curt Chaos and Vinny Dunn challenged IPW Tag Team Champions TnT for the titles only to come up short after being unable to get along as a cohesive unit.

During the match it looked as if there were going to be new champions crowned when Dunn hit his Muscle Buster, but before he could get the pin he was tagged by Chaos who sent his own tag partner through the ropes and to the outside before attempting to pin TnT himself. TnT would hit the the T-Factor and get the win with Vinny Dunn standing on the ring apron refusing to break up the pin or help his partner.

The two members of the Investment came to blows after the match and could only be split apart by the Investment’s leader, Daniel Burnell. He told Dunn and Chaos that next month they would go one on one to settle it once and for all.

Earlier in the evening, for apparently no reason, The Pride’s music began to play but they were nowhere to be seen. This was thought to be an accident on the part of the production crew but it was only a warning of what was to come.

IPW Women’s Champion Britenay took the microphone in the ring and called out the freshly returned Megan-Kate. But before the challenge could be laid down, The Pride’s music went off again and this time both members stood on the stage staring at the women in the ring as a woman in a pink Liger mask attacked Britenay.

This wasn’t the last the Mt Albert crowd saw of The Pride with their new member as, after the tag title match, TnT were attacked in the locker-room area and brought out to the ring by The Pride with the Ligress in tow. It was obvious that the newly expanded Pride were out to send a message to not only the Tag Team Champions and the Women’s Champion, but to IPW as a whole.

IPW Battle Scars Results:

  • Johnny Idol def. Khan via disqualification
    Khan spent the majority of the match pulling and ripping on the hair of Idol and using underhanded tactics to keep the upper hand. Once things looked to be turning in Idol’s favour, Khan kicked Idol below the belt and was disqualified.
  • Elias & Pat Schisk def. Brook Duncan & Joel Clementson w/ Mr Burns
    Despite being set to wrestle, Burns felt Schisk was too emotional for him to face so Burns chose Brook Duncan to take his place. Brook tried to chop the big men down to no avail. Clementson left his partner to take a beating on his own allowing Schisk to deliver a running knee lift on Duncan for the win.
  • Travis Banks def. Jakob Cross
    Cross threw two chairs into the ring and both men sat down taking turns open-hand slapping one another until Cross decided he couldn’t take it anymore and kicked Banks in the chest. Both men fought on the floor and Banks sat Cross on the corner of the barricades and chopped him so hard that Cross wound up in the lap of a fan. Once back in the ring, Travis would get the win with the Lion Clutch.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    TnT (c) def. Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn

    TnT started out with the upper hand. Lil T and Vinny Dunn traded roll-ups and near falls between each other. Dunn was able to hit the Muscle Buster but was blind-tagged by Chaos before a pin could take place. TnT won with the T-Factor on Chaos whilst Dunn stood on the ring apron and watched his partner lose.
  • IPW Championship:
    Fury (c) def. Alfred Valentine

    After a very back-and-forth match with both men trying to get the other into their variation of the Boston Crab, Fury was finally able to lock in his Taupo Cray and dig his knee into Valentine’s lower back to make the leader of The Origin tap out.