Roberts beats three at Live Pro Wrestling

Charlie Roberts has passed the biggest test of his Hughes Academy Championship reign, defending his title against three men at Live Pro Wrestling this past Saturday.

Roberts retained his belt during a four-way elimination match against Ben Mana, Kade Morgan, and Hotaru.

Morgan was the first man eliminated from the match following a superkick from Hotaru. Mana was the next to go after he collided with an exposed turnbuckle and was rolled up by Roberts.

With just one man standing between them and victory, Hotaru and Roberts went tooth-and-nail for the Hughes Academy Championship.

Hotaru swept Roberts to the man and nailed him with a 450 Splash for a near-fall, but was cut off on the top rope by Roberts when he attempted a second splash.

Roberts brought Hotaru out of the corner with the 24 Karat Gold Destiny, and covered him for a near-fall of his own.

Not to be discouraged, Roberts struck with the 24 Karat Gold Destiny once more and pinned Hotaru to retain the Hughes Academy Championship.

It was later revealed Live Pro Wrestling had played host to Hotaru’s last match. The popular high-flyer will return to his native South Africa.

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