Fury retains against Schisk at Last Chance

Pat Schisk came up short in his quest for the IPW Championship this past Saturday, when reigning titleholder Fury turned back the challenge from the Armageddon Cup Champion and made Schisk pass out in the Taupo Cray.

Despite having been ejected from The Investment mere months ago, both men in this match-up had allies in their corner: Schisk with Elias, and Fury with the leader of The Investment, Daniel Burnell.

The obvious fan favourite, Pat Schisk, started off the match in control of the champion by shoving Fury to the mat as soon as they locked up. Pat was even able to force Fury’s shoulders to the mat for a one-count in the opening moments. Once both men were back to their feet Fury rocked Schisk with a massive open-hand slap. After taking a moment to regain his composure, Schisk returned in kind with a slap of his own. After trading slaps, both competitors began trading stiff forearms to the face.

The fight spilled to the outside with both men brawling around the ringside area. Once back in the ring, Schisk hit a big dropkick and hit the ropes to set up his next move, but his legs were swept out from under him by Daniel Burnell, who accompanied Fury to the ring.

Not deterred, Schisk returned to his feet and hit a dropkick which put Fury in the corner. Because Elias—in Schisk’s corner for the night—was standing next to that corner on the outside, Burnell claimed that Elias put his hands on Fury, and Burnell made the referee eject Elias from ringside.

After both men exchanged offence, Schisk was able to sunset flip Fury. Fury stayed on his feet, slapped away Pat’s hands and gave a huge double-foot stomp to Schisk’s chest. Now with the upper hand, Fury landed a beautiful drop kick which put Schisk on his back near the ropes. Fury ran towards Schisk, but Schisk was able to push Fury over the top with a monkey flip style-manoeuvre. With Fury on the outside, Pat was able to nail Fury on the chin with a running knee strike from the apron.

Back in the ring, Pat folded Fury in half with a German suplex. After a series of big moves which resulted in two counts from Pat, he tried for the running knee lift but Fury pulled the referee in the way. Fury took a big slam which left him in position for Schisk to ascend to the top rope and go for a corkscrew dive, but Fury was able to roll out of the way.

With both wrestlers and the referee down, a returning James Shaw made his way into the ring and dropped Fury on his head with the Death Valley Driver. He then pulled Schisk on top of the surely-beaten Fury and shook the referee to make the count. However, Fury was somehow able to pop his shoulder up.

Both men stumbled back to their feet and Schisk went for a Wakado Sick Kick, but he was caught by Fury who rolled him over into the Taupo Cray. After fighting through the pain for a few moments Schisk went limp and had his arm raised three times with no response. Schisk passed out due to the pain of the hold and the referee declared Fury victorious.

After the match, Schisk was helped to the back while James Shaw got into the ring and was met by Travis Banks. Earlier in the night, Banks won his match and qualified for the Fans Bring the Weapons match at Nightmare B4 Xmas. Both men mentioned their desire to make the match a triple threat for the IPW Championship.

Daniel Burnell returned from the back and declined. He then asked, “Who said the fans bring the weapons match was for the title anyway?” Before either man could reply, they were both attacked by Jakob Cross who had made his way out of the crowd. After brutally beating down both men, he screamed, “Get me his crutches!” His request was answered and James Shaw’s crutches were tossed into the ring by Daniel Burnell. Cross absolutely decimated Banks and Shaw with the weapons before leaving the ring and throwing the crutches back into the ring both and on top of Banks.

IPW Last Chance Results:

  • Curt Chaos def. Vinny Dunn
    Chaos hit his Chaos Theory and went for it a second time, but Dunn was able to counter into a small package and get the three count. After, Burnell got them to shake hands but Chaos snapped and attacked Dunn, pinning his hand onto the ring steps and slamming a chair onto Dunn’s hand.
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match:
    Joel Clementson & Mr Burns def. Brook Duncan

    Burns got the win for his team via submission with the move formerly known as the Captain’s Hook.
  • Hair vs. Hair:
    Johnny Idol def. Khan

    Idol hit a knee drop facebuster to score the pinfall victory. Khan tried to escape but was choked out with a sleeper before a fair amount of his hair was cut from his head.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    TnT (c) w/ Dion McCracken def. The Pride w/ Ligress via disqualification

    Although not a scheduled title match, TnT proved that they were fighting champions and made the match so. At the end of the match, Ligress got on the apron only to be kissed by Cooper. This sent her into a frenzy during which she attacked TnT, resulting in The Pride losing via disqualification.
  • Evie w/ Megan-Kate def. Carmen Rose
    Megan-Kate pulled the referee’s legs out from under him and got in the ring. She then laid Rose out with a shot of her bat to the face. Evie would wake the referee and then pin Rose for the victory.
  • Mr Juicy & Travis Banks def. The Agents of Change
    The match would end after Juicy pulled down his singlet revealing his bare rear and delivered a stinkface to Cross. The stench left Cross stunned allowing Banks to make Henry tap to the Lion Clutch.
  • IPW Championship:
    Fury (c) w/ Daniel Burnell def. Pat Schisk w/ Elias

    Despite interference from a returning James Shaw, Fury was able to kick out following a Death Valley Driver and reverse Schisk’s Wakado Sick Kick into the Taupo Cray. The end would see Schisk pass out giving Fury the win.