Maniacs United: Stryker’s return leads to handicap match

LUCKY ESCAPE: Kingston Eclipse held onto the Jackson Shield when his opponent was disqualified. PHOTO: Maniacs United

LUCKY ESCAPE: Kingston Eclipse retained the Jackson Shield when his opponent, Mr Viti, was disqualified. PHOTO: Maniacs United

A returning Dan Stryker made sure the Jackson Shield contest between Kingston Eclipse and Mr Viti was thrown out at Reined In 2, leading to a four-on-three handicap match this past Saturday.

Stryker—who had been out of action after suffering an injury during a match against Kingston Eclipse in August—made his return to Maniacs United midway through Eclipse’s match against Mr Viti, and set about attacking the Jackson Shield holder to cause a disqualification.

Mr Viti was less than pleased with Stryker’s actions (costing him the match and his chance at the Jackson Shield) but both Stryker and Viti were soon joined by their stablemates, JPE and Dom “The Maverick” Alupis in an attempt to calm the situation. All four then turned their attention to Kingston Eclipse and began to attack the Jackson Shield holder until Bolta and Rise came to his aid.

As the OCD and Rebels Inc members scattered to regroup, Eclipse challenged them to a four-on-three handicap match.

All seven participants agreed to the contest but there was a severe lack of teamwork from both sides heading into the impromptu main event. Bolta refused to tag either of his teammates, and Rebels Inc walked out on OCD, leaving things looking like a more traditional tag team bout with JPE and Stryker facing off against Eclipse and Rise.

Dan Stryker picked up the win for his four-person side after he hit Rise with a Stryker Spear to bring Reined In 2 to an end – though Kingston Eclipse’s issue with Rebels Inc and OCD appears to be far from resolved.

Maniacs United Reined In 2 Results:

  • Stix def. Kazu the Masked Ronin
  • Dom “The Maverick” Alupis def. Rise
  • Bolta def. JPE
  • Jackson Shield:
    Kingston Eclipse (c) def. Mr Viti w/ Dom “The Maverick” Alupis via disqualification
  • 4-on-3 Handicap Match:
    Dan Stryker, Dom “The Maverick” Alupis, JPE & Mr Viti def. Bolta, Kingston Eclipse & Rise