Scarlett seeks Retribution against Quinn in Street Fight

Scarlett challenges Frankie Quinn for the KPW Women’s Championship as part of a double main event line-up at Maniacs United Retribution tonight.

Quinn and Scarlett have battled back and forth over the title for much of 2015, including a two-out-of-three falls match at Roads End in April where Quinn retained her title thanks to a sneak attack on Scarlett at the start of the bout.

After the loss, Scarlett challenged Quinn to a no disqualification Street Fight at Retribution.

The challenger has expressed some second thoughts on Twitter.

“OK now I’m getting nervous for Saturday night,” Scarlett tweeted. “A street fight seemed like a good idea when I was angry and full of adrenaline…”

Regardless of Scarlett’s state of mind, Quinn will put her title on the line tonight in a bout with no rules, allowing her to blindside Scarlett with the KPW Women’s Championship as much as she likes.

Conversely, Scarlett will be able to batter Quinn with anything she can get her hands on in her quest to become a two-time women’s champion.

In the other half of the double main event, Kingston Eclipse faces his toughest challenge to date when he defends the Jackson Shield against Ben Mana.

Eclipse has emerged as Maniacs United’s franchise player and redefined what the Jackson Shield means in the New Zealand wrestling landscape.

His reign has never been in greater jeopardy than it is tonight though, with former NZWPW and SCW Champion Ben Mana standing across the ring from The Native One.

“May 16th,” Mana wrote, “the day Kingston Eclipse’s title reign comes to an end at the hands of the Man, the Myth, the Mana!”

Maniacs United Retribution takes place tonight, May 16, at Rutherford Primary School in Auckland. The card, subject to change, is listed below.

Maniacs United Retribution Card:

  • Jackson Shield:
    Kingston Eclipse (c) vs. Ben Mana
  • KPW Women’s Championship, Street Fight:
    Frankie Quinn (c) vs. Scarlett
  • Blaze vs. JPE
  • Dom “The Maverick” Alupis vs. Graham Hughes
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match:
    El Oro Maximo & Kazu vs. The Enforcer
  • Kartik vs. “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn