Kartik to Kenith: ‘I’ve had enough’

Kenith has pushed Kartik to his limit and The Neo Viper has finally had enough.

Kartik challenges Kenith in a Tables Match in the main event of Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling tomorrow after having his entire 2015 marred by the cocky Kenith and the Hughes Academy Women’s Champion, Tabitha.

“You know what, Kenith? I’m sick of you,” Kartik told his opponent. “I’m sick of you and Tabitha thinking you’re better than everyone else. I’m sick of you cheating and lying to get whatever you guys want. I’m sick of you and I’ve had enough.”

Kartik’s issue with Kenith dates back to Live Pro Wrestling in March, the night of the Inter-promotional Rumble.

Kenith beat Kartik in the night’s opening match—thanks to a low-blow from Tabitha—but was eliminated from the main event by its winner, Kartik, who earned a shot at the Hughes Academy Championship as a result of his victory.

Kartik’s title match took place last month, pitting him against Charlie Roberts. Once again, Kenith made his presence known when he pushed Kartik from the top rope and sent him crashing through a table at ringside, costing Kartik the Hughes Academy Championship in the process.

Later that night, Kartik issued a challenge to Kenith for the Tables Match that will headline tomorrow’s Live Pro Wrestling event.

“I’m clearly the best and I look better than everyone else, and on June 13 I’m going to continue to show you why I’m the best – I’m undefeated,” boasted Kenith, who holds a 3-0 record in singles competition.

Whether Kenith continues his undefeated streak or Kartik gains revenge on his cocky opponent, one thing is for sure: someone is going through a table.

Now in its third year, the annual Hughes Academy Tournament returns at Live Pro Wrestling.

Seven participants have been announced for the one-night tournament with men and women from around the country hoping to join Shane Sinclair and Marcus Kool as holders of the Hughes Academy Trophy.

Auckland-based Hughes Academy Champion Charlie Roberts will enter the tournament for the third year in the row, as well as fellow Aucklanders Curtis Castlewood, El Oro Maximo, Frankie Quinn, and Krystal Kayne.

They will be joined by NZWPW Champion Ben Mana, Roberts’ Rodeo Drive stablemate Bryant, and Kauri Walker.

The live audience at the Kelson Community Centre will select the first-round matches for the tournament, establishing the brackets that will lead to someone holding the Hughes Academy Trophy for the first time.

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling takes place tomorrow, June 13, at the Kelston Community Centre in Auckland.