Lockhart takes out Hughes Academy Rumble

Devin Lockhart has emerged as the number one contender to the Hughes Academy Championship.

Lockhart outlasted more than 30 other competitors to win the Hughes Academy Rumble at Saturday’s Live Pro Wrestling event.

With just three other matches on the card, all eyes were on the main event.

The match was full of surprises, with Aaron Henry and Kingston Eclipse announced as last-minute Rumble entrants on the day of the event, joining the likes of former NZ champs Rufguts and Shane Sinclair.

Charlie Roberts attempted to run the gauntlet and made it from number one to the final two left in the contest. The former Hughes Academy Champion was upset in the final moments of the match though and thrown over the top rope by fan-favourite Devin Lockhart.

As a result of his win, Lockhart will challenge Kenith for the Hughes Academy Championship on June 18.

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling Results:

  • Graham Hughes def. Rufguts
  • Frankie Quinn w/ Devin Lockhart def. JPE w/ The Buggane via count-out
  • Shane Sinclair def. Kartik
  • Hughes Academy Rumble:
    Devin Lockhart eliminated Charlie Roberts to win