NZPWI Rankings (June 2016)

The following rankings have been compiled by NZPWI taking into account results from Wellington Armageddon, Manics United Underground 4, NZWPW Belmont Series Episode 3: Armageddon Weekend, PWE Homecoming, Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling, and IPW Fight or Flight.


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After months of chasing the titles, The Friends in Similar Tights (FIST) finally claimed the IPW Tag Team Championships at Fight or Flight when they defeated The Dapper Agents in a breathtaking TLC main event.



Brook Duncan

A hugely successful Wellington Armageddon keeps Brook Duncan high in the NZPWI Rankings. IPW’s Sax Man won seven of his eight matches during the three-day weekend – more than anyone else in June.



Curt Chaos

June was a busy month for Curt Chaos, who defended his IPW Championship multiple times during Wellington Armageddon. Chaos also retained his title against Liger at Fight or Flight, but was intentionally disqualified to do so.




Charlie Roberts and Curtis Castlewood wrestled everywhere from Wellington to Whangarei in June. Although sometimes losing in singles competition, Privileged scored a big win over the Heroes For Hire at IPW Fight or Flight to further their case for a shot at the IPW Tag Team Championship.




Britenay retained her IPW Women’s Championship against Frankie Quinn at Fight or Flight. It wasn’t the only title on Britenay’s mind in June though – she also challenged Curt Chaos for the IPW Championship at Wellington Armageddon.


Ben Mana

Ben Mana claimed the NZWPW Tag Team Championship with partner Jade Priest at Belmont Series Episode 3: Armageddon Weekend, overcoming long-time champs Rodeo Drive to end their stranglehold on the tag team wrestling scene in Wellington.


Paul Sayers

Paul Sayers hit the road in June with matches for the Hughes Academy, IPW, and PWE. Sayers was also given his first IPW Championship match at Wellington Armageddon, and would have won the title if Curt Chaos hadn’t managed to get his foot to the bottom rope.


Taylor Adams

Taylor Adams bursts onto the NZPWI Rankings based on an Armageddon Cup victory in Wellington. Adams upset fan-favourite Brook Duncan in the tournament final, handing Duncan his only loss of the month.


Jade Priest

“The Beast” Jade Priest picked up the NZWPW tag team titles alongside Ben Mana at Belmont Series Episode 3: Armageddon Weekend. Priest was also in action at the Armageddon Expo wrestling as his alter-ego, Micronesia Joe.


“Rufguts” Roddy Gunn

“Rufguts” Roddy Gunn appeared for the Hughes Academy, IPW, and PWE in June. Despite losing more matches than he won, Rufguts’ overcame The Buggane at Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling, and went toe-to-toe with Charlie Roberts at PWE and IPW events.