Rufguts becomes dual-champion at Beat Down

“Rufguts” Roddy Gunn won the SCW Championship back from Ben Mana at Beat Down, and cashed in his Right 2 Challenge to claim the NZWPW Championship as well in the night’s main event.

What had originally been billed as a two-fall match soon turned into three singles matches when Mana was beaten by Rufguts for the SCW Championship but pinned his opponent to hold onto the NZWPW Championship, leaving each man with one victory and one title.

Rufguts quickly considered the odds before going all-in and invoking the Right 2 Challenge he won in October last year for another chance at the NZWPW Championship.

The move paid off in a big way, as Rufguts was able to defeat Mana on his second attempt to become a three-time NZWPW Champion and the second man in New Zealand wrestling history to hold two national singles championships simultaneously.

Also at Beat Down, Mr Silver won the He Toa Cup from Mikey.

Silver, along with NZWPW Tag Team Champion Hayden Thiele and former He Toa Cup Champion Chad Howard, advanced to a fatal four-way bout for the He Toa Cup after winning a qualifying match earlier in the evening.

Despite having been through one match already, Silver was able to take the fall and the title, leaving the He Toa Gym as the seventh holder of the He Toa Cup.

NZWPW Beat Down Results:

  • He Toa Cup Qualifier:
    Mr Silver def. Axl
  • He Toa Cup Qualifier:
    Hayden Thiele def. Scravenge
  • He Toa Cup Qualifier:
    Chad Howard def. Jade Priest
  • JC Star def. Kauri Walker
  • He Toa Cup:
    Mr Silver def. Chad Howard, Hayden Thiele and Mikey (c)
  • SCW Championship:
    “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn def. Ben Mana (c)
  • NZWPW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn
  • NZWPW Championship:
    “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn def. Ben Mana (c)