Tommy Combat’s WWE Raw experience: Meets RVD, Y2J

New Zealand’s Tommy Combat, currently training with the Heartland Wrestling Association in Ohio, recently had the opportunity to catch WWE Raw, courtesy of WWE, and further, got to meet several WWE Superstars, including Rico and Rob Van Dam.

Tommy has just returned from a two week holiday in London and Paris, so that he could renew his 90 day visa waiver in the United States.

HWA got several free tickets to a WWE Raw show, with Tommy attending and sitting just five rows back.

After the show, Tommy and the rest of his HWA pals went to a Waffle House (USA food chain) where they met up with Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Damn, Shane “Hurricane” Helms and Rico.

“I talked with Rico on a whole bunch of subjects, he gave me a whole bunch of tips,” Tommy told NZPWI, “but most amazing HE IS A HARDCORE ALL BLACK FAN! He talked about his travels to Australia and New Zealand, playing ruggers in both countries.

“In England he donned the black and white, headed to the pub and joined the NZ fans to cheer on the Kiwis in a game!”

Tommy has recently moved closer to Cincinnati, now being only 20 minutes walk from the HWA gym. They train on Monday, and have a house show on the Tuesday called the “Tuesday Night Showcase”. Training continues on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if people are up to it. Another show takes place every second Saturday, and the HWA TV taping takes place on Sunday.