Escalation: Banks defends in lumberjack match

Travis Banks defends the IPW Championship against The Investment’s Curt Chaos in a lumberjack match tomorrow night at Escalation.

Chaos wrestled Banks for the title when IPW was last in the Lynfield Recreation Centre at May’s New Heights event, and heavily relied on involvement from his Investment stablemates.

Despite the interference, Banks was able to retain his title and anger IPW Director Daniel Burnell in the process.

Burnell refused to shake Banks’ hand – a stipulation agreed upon before the match – and didn’t take long to announce a rematch for Chaos at Escalation, this time with The Investment surrounding the ring.

Although it will be easier for The Agents of Change, Evie, Pat Schisk and Vinny Dunn to get involved in the match, tomorrow night’s main event is still, in essence, a one-on-one contest.

Will Banks achieve the same result he did in May, or will the reign of Chaos begin this Saturday night?

IPW Escalation takes place tomorrow, July 5, at the Lynfield Recreation Centre. Click here for a map. Doors open at 6.30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm. Tickets are available on the door, or in advance from Eventfinda. The card, subject to change, is listed below.

IPW Escalation Card:

  • IPW Championship, Lumberjack Match:
    Travis Banks (c) vs. Curt Chaos
  • 3-on-2 Handicap Match:
    The Investment (Aaron Henry, Jakob Cross & Vinny Dunn) vs. The Origin (Alexander & Alfred Valentine)
  • Carmen Rose vs. Evie
  • Britenay & Liam Fury vs. Brook Duncan & Olivia Shaw
  • James Shaw & Johnny Idol vs. The Pride
  • Elias vs. Pat Schisk