Team New Zealand answer Four Nations’ challenge

140712_teamnzThe Four Nations’ open challenge has been answered by one.

Pat Schisk, TK Cooper and Travis Banks – the trio known as Team New Zealand – take on the New South Wales super-group of Adam Hoffman, Jack Bonza and Sean Kustom tonight at the Newcastle Pro Wrestling 31 event in Australia.

“It takes four nations to come together and be strong but we only need one,” Banks told his opponents.

“Quite frankly, we reject your challenge,” Pat Schisk added, “but as Kiwi tradition we lay down the gauntlet.”

The Four Nations is one of Australia’s most formidable groups, with PWA and Newcastle Pro Wrestling Champion “Real Man” Jack Bonza at its helm.

Bonza, Hoffman, and Kustom will be extra motivated to beat Team New Zealand tonight after both Hoffman and Kustom were defeated by New Zealanders at PWA Road to Ruin in Sydney last month.

James Shaw narrowly overcame Adam Hoffman, while Liam Fury got the best of Sean Kustom.

Team New Zealand last wrestled in Australia earlier this year, traveling to Adelaide to take part in the Wrestle Rampage Revolution events featuring New Japan star Shinsuke Nakamura in March.