PWE titles, careers on the line in Morrinsville

160826_pwecollisioncourseHeroes for Hire and Rodeo Drive are on a collision course, with one team guaranteed not to walk away the same.

The lure of gold brings Chad Howard, Charlie Roberts, Paul Sayers, and “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn to Morrinsville to compete for the brand-new PWE Tag Team Championship. But there’s a caveat: the losers don’t just miss out on the titles, they’re never allowed to tag again.

Both teams are held in high regard as the only two invited to compete for the new titles. (In comparison, 13 wrestlers were involved in qualifiers for the PWE Northland Championship at Uprising.) Regardless, at the end of Saturday night, one team will have wrestled their last match as a unit in PWE.

Despite the shocking announcement earlier this week, neither team has publicly addressed the stipulation.

Whether Heroes for Hire take the titles “straight to the pool room” or Rodeo Drive score another set of belts, there’ll be no rematch for the team that comes off second-best.

With one title introduced to PWE at Collision Course, another could be about to leave. PWE Northland Champion Stix takes on Anzac Champion Tank in a massive title versus title main event.

Tank looks to reclaim the Northland title for the first time since losing it at PWE’s debut event, Uprising. Stix, meanwhile, looks to continue his title reign and pick up the Anzac Championship in the process.

PWE Collision Course takes place Saturday, August 27, at the Morrinsville Senior Citizens Hall. Doors open at 5pm with a bell-time of 5.30pm. Tickets are available on the door ($15 adults, $10 children, $40 family). The card, subject to change, is listed below.

PWE Collision Course Card:

  • PWE Northland Championship & Anzac Championship:
    Stix (c) vs. Tank (c)
  • PWE Tag Team Championship:
    Heroes For Hire vs. Rodeo Drive (Chad Howard & Charlie Roberts)
  • Brooke Duncan vs. “The Beast” Jade Priest
  • Bull Addams vs. T-Cole
  • Scarlett vs. Shadow Ninja
  • Kazu the Masked Ronin vs. Zac “The Wild Child” Zildjian